Essential Commercial Kitchen Equipment

If you run one of the 660,936 dining outlets in the U.S., you have come to the right place!

The food industry took one of the most significant hits during the pandemic. However, as we return to life as we know it, restaurants are booming and are as busy as ever.

Although it’s great to see new establishments opening day after day, there is one drawback. The competition to fill your seats is growing. But you can stay ahead of your rivals with the best commercial kitchen equipment.

So continue reading to uncover what restaurant equipment your business needs this year!

1. A Commercial Range

A commercial range, also known as a stove or cooker, is the heart of any kitchen. It is a versatile tool that allows chefs to perform various cooking techniques. These methods include boiling, simmering, sautéing, frying, grilling, and heating food. 

A commercial range typically consists of multiple burners, a griddle, and an oven. Many chefs prefer gas cookers due to their precise temperature control and quick response time. Yet electric ranges are known for their even heat distribution and ease of cleaning.

2. Commercial Refrigeration

Refrigeration units are crucial for food safety and proper storage of perishable ingredients. It includes reach-in refrigerators, walk-in coolers, freezers, and prep tables. 

These units maintain the ideal temperature and humidity levels to keep ingredients fresh. Overall, this minimizes the risk of foodborne illnesses and prevents food spoilage. 

Investing in high-quality refrigeration equipment is essential to ensure food quality. Moreso, it maintains inventory control and complies with health and safety regulations.

Gordon Ramsay thinks you can find out everything you need to know about a chef by examining their fridge.

3. A Commercial Dishwasher

In 2021, over 110,000 eateries nationwide closed due to hygiene issues. So efficient dishwashing is a key aspect of any kitchen to maintain cleanliness. 

A commercial dishwasher can handle large volumes of dishes, glasses, and utensils. It eliminates the need for manual dishwashing, saving time and labor costs. 

Dishwashers come in different types, including under-counter, door-type, and conveyor belt models. You must look for features like high-temperature sanitizing cycles and efficient water usage.

4. Commercial Food Prep Equipment

Food preparation involves tasks like chopping, slicing, mixing, and blending. The equipment helps streamline the processes, saving time and offering consistent quality food. 

Essential food prep tools include: 

These tools withstand heavy use and provide precise and efficient results. Therefore, your chefs can handle large quantities of ingredients quickly and effectively.

5. A Commercial Oven

The three main types are convection ovens, deck ovens, and combination ovens. 

Convection ovens are popular due to even heat distribution and fast cooking times. Deck ovens are mainly used for baking bread and pizzas, giving a hearty cooking setting. 

Combination ovens combine the functionality of convection and steam ovens. Thus, it offers versatility and control over cooking processes. 

Buy the Best Commercial Kitchen Equipment Today

Top commercial kitchen equipment is a step towards giving customers what they want. It ensures you offer consistent and high-quality food to keep people coming back for more.

Now you know one way to highlight your company from your competition. But if you want to find out more ways to do so, keep reading our extensive blog for free!

Last Updated on July 4, 2023

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