Easy Tips for Cleaning Restaurant Equipment

If you own a restaurant, then you understand how demanding your job can be. However, failing to clean your restaurant’s equipment can pose a severe liability risk.

Find out with a good cleaning routine. Running well-maintained restaurant equipment helps you avoid more severe problems. It leads to higher productivity and staff morale.

Keep this list of tips in mind while cleaning restaurant equipment. They can help you fight against the buildup of grime.

Read on to learn some easy tips for cleaning restaurant equipment.

Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

Before cleaning any restaurant equipment, always read the manufacturer’s instructions to maintain safety and efficiency. This will guide how to care for your equipment.

Disassemble removable parts and clean them. Be sure to rinse away all soap before reassembling. You should keep cleaners and rags from where you prepare the food.

Cleaning the restaurant equipment properly will ensure the longevity of the equipment and the health and safety of your customers.

Use the Right Cleaning Products

The right cleaning products are essential to keeping restaurant equipment in top condition. It is important to read labels and choose products designed for commercial kitchen cleaning food service establishments.

Be sure only to use products safe for food contact surfaces and approved for the equipment. Dishwasher detergent, all-purpose cleaners, and degreasers are all safe options.

Avoid ammonia-based cleaners, as these are too harsh for food service equipment and can leave an unpleasant odor. Pay attention to spray bottle instructions and never mix different cleaning products, as this can be hazardous.

Use a Soft-Bristled Brush

The brush is excellent for getting into all the hard-to-reach crevices, ensuring a thorough restaurant hood cleaning. The scrub is gentle enough that it won’t scratch copper, stainless steel, and porcelain surfaces.

Using a soft-bristled brush, food particles will dislodge. The handle of the brush should be long enough to reach deeper into the equipment, and the head should be small enough to fit into tight spaces.



Use Hot Water

Hot water is ideal for sterilization, as the heat kills certain harmful bacteria. You should use hot water to clean utensils, including knives and forks, as it helps to remove food debris.

To clean food preparation equipment and small metal equipment like handles and knobs in the kitchen, use hot water with mild detergent to ensure it’s free from food and other particles. For deep cleaning of ovens, use warm or hot water to provide the most cleaning effectiveness.

Use a Degreaser

They design the degreasers to break down oily substances, saving time, money, and the environment by avoiding harsh, chemical-based solvents. Wear protective eyewear and gloves when using a degreaser, as the concentrated formula can be harmful.

Start by pre-soaking greased surfaces before using a brush and extra cleaning agents to remove old grease and food residue. Once the degreaser has had time to break down the greasy buildup, rinse the surface with warm water and cloth towels or sponges.

Restaurant Equipment Cleaning Guide

Cleaning restaurant equipment keeps it in good shape and gives customers a clean, safe place to eat. With these, owners of restaurants can keep their tools, surfaces, and utensils clean.

By being cautious and using these methods daily, restaurants can stay compliant and keep doing well. Start using these easy tips to clean commercial kitchen equipment immediately, and your customers will be happier and healthier.

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Last Updated on April 19, 2023

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