Discovering the Perfect Tattoo Fonts: Script, Number, and Gangster Fonts

Discovering the perfect tattoo font can be a daunting task and with numerous styles and variations – One can easily get frustrated. But we’ve combined a list of the best tattoo fonts that are free to download!

Tattoo fonts are available in a number of variations including script, calligraphy, gangster, handwriting, and many more. But if you’re choosing it for personal use, then any font can be of use considering the factor “interest”. Once the font is decided you can add more style to make it more attractive.  

List of different Tattoo fonts

Below is the list of various styles in tattoo font. You can get many variations within each style. 

Script Tattoo Fonts:

Script fonts are most likely to present real writing, while another formal writing style refers to calligraphy. Script tattoos font are more elegant in nature and reflect a unique persona. But it’s not recommended to use tattoos. 

Scriptina Regular

Scriptina Regular

Made by Apostrophic Labs, Scriptina regular is one of the best choices to use for script tattoos. It’s delicate as well as beautiful and aesthetic. 1001fonts also recommends it as the top demanded font in the list of tattoo fonts.

Blood Script Italic Font

Blood Script Italic Font

Made by Billy Argel Fonts, this bloody texture is the perfect addition to your needs. Blood script is another perfect choice for tattoo script style.

Brock Script

Brock Script

By Typographer Mediengestaltung, Brock is yet unique but elegant script text enhanced for the utmost clarity. You can download the brock script for free at 1001font.

Tattoo Fonts Cursive:

The cursive style only represents the passion towards something as the letters are joined or unjoined in a cursive sense yet contain a touch of aestheticism and simplicity.

Lucy Said Ok

Whether it’s lucy or Mitchel, ok is compulsory with this cursive tattoo font. Made by Billy Argel Fonts. This one is uniquely enhanced to increase the essence of love towards someone special. You can find it for free at font space.

Black Skate – Chicano Cursive fonts

A multi-purpose cursive font, Chicano is unique in its nature. Whether it’s a web-based design or a physical print, this one sure finds its way to enhancing the design. You can find it in font bundles.

Number Tattoo Fonts:

Stylized fonts required matching numerals to look more elegant. We’ve shorted the top demanded number tattoo text styles for you here.

2023 Holistic

A perfect number tattoo font to meet all your needs. The font includes the bundle to feature upper and lower case letters. Numerals are specially designed to meet the elegancy of letters as well. 

Falling Tattoe 

Another inline is yet considerable. Falling tattoe is also the best choice to use the font style which is bold and has matching numerals.

Gangster Tattoo Fonts:

If nothing can appeal to you then here comes the aggressive of all, Gangstar style – You can consider this for appealing to chicks and continuing your GTA life. Let’s discover what are the best gangster fonts out there.

Chicano Gangsta Fonts

A versatile font style by GP Typefoundry to enhance your gangster lifestyle. A tattoo is not recommended but you can use it for your daily products. Chicano gangsta can be downloaded for free at font space.

Rich The barber 

The barberial yet gangster look by Billy Argel Fonts is another rich addition to Tattoo fonts gangster. A skull of skilled paper is appended in the font style with a unique style of a text. 

Tattoo Fonts Handwriting:

The handwriting style is much more elegant but not thick in nature. It needs more focus and the slightest error can append permanent damage. While handwriting fonts are used vastly on products and mockups as well. 

Handwriting fonts are available in vast variations and styles, here are some of the top handwriting tattoo fonts.

LadyLike BB

Ladylike BB by Blambot Comic Fonts is an aesthetic font for tattoos on products. A heart ending is well appended here. While the fonts are bold and comic style.

Billy Argel Font

Designed by Billy Argel, it’s bold and italic combined with the layers of aesthetic curves over font enhance the beauty of the overall tattoo. You can get it at 1001fonts and download it for free under a public license.

What is the best font for tattoos?

We’ve listed out different tattoo fonts above. It’s up to you whether to choose a slim and handwritten style font or a bold text style. Some prefer script styles and while others prefer Gangstar style.
Below are some of the best tattoos font:

  • Lucy Said Ok Tattoo Font
  • Black Skate Tattoo
  • Falling Tattoe
  • Chicano Gangsta Fonts
  • Rich The Barber
  • LadyLike BB Tattoo Font

How To Download Free Tattoo Fonts?

There are many sites providing free fonts to download under public license including Dafonts, 1001fonts, and font space.
Here’s how to download it:

  • Visit Website 1001Fonts
  • Select the font style or search for it.
  • Click on Download 

Final Thoughts:

Chicano Gangsta fonts and 2023 Holistic are the two most popular in this filtered list but there are others of much value. Fonts are available in downloadable and installable files. Find the one you liked the most and install it on photoshop. It’s piece of cake to use the .ttf fonts file. If you need any help choosing a good tattoo font or installing it, a comment is much appreciated.

Last Updated on February 9, 2023

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