Discover Moana’s True Age: A Journey into Disney’s Hidden Secret


The title character in Moana, has been the most exciting and original princess shows her performance in the 2016 movie, Moana is one of Disney’s Princesses and is beloved for the way that she challenges being a princess. Showcasing a unique representation stability. 

In this article we will explore the various aspects of Moana’s life, including her wealth, height, age and family. 

Moana’s Height

Moana’s verified height is 5 feet 6.2 inches

Impact of Her Height

Moana’s height played an important role in shaping her character in physical presence and performance on screen. In an intermediate where visual representation matters, her ability could contribute to her impressive presence and leadership qualities. 

Moana Net Worth

Moana’s net worth is not accurately perceptible in real-world terms, her value as a cultural icon and merchandise sales undoubtedly contribute to her financial success within the Disney’s franchise. 

Sources of Income

Moana’s income principally stems from the various streams associated with the movie. Including box office earnings, merchandise sales, licensing deals. 


Moana was 16, like many other princesses, during the film her journey was in many ways one of the most frightening of all the princesses.

Current Age

The current age of Disney’s princess Moana is in late teens and early twenties(16 years). 

Career Longevity

Regardless of her young age, Moana’s impact as a Disney princess is likely for years to come. Her character delivers a positive message to audiences of all ages, ensuring her continued relevance in Disney’s famous characters. 

Family Members

Immediate Family

Tui Waialiki

Tui Waialiki is a supporting character in Disney’s 2016 animated feature film Moana. He is the village leader of Motunui and the father of Moana. 

Sina Waialiki

Sina Waialiki is a character in Disney’s 2016 animated feature film Moana. She is the mother of the film’s heroine, Moana. 

Gramma Tala

Gramma Tala is a main character in Disney’s 2016 animated movie Moana. A whimsical narrator from the island of Motunui, Tala is the  mother of leader Tui and grandma of Moana. Because of her passion for ancient polynesian myths and legends, Tala regards herself as a “village crazy lady.”  

Influence of Family

The unconditional love and support of Moana’s family members is a source of her motivation and strength. Their guidance empowers her and fulfill her potential as a leader. 


In conclusion, Moana’s character represents a refreshing exit from traditional princesses and compassion. Her height, wealth, age and family dynamics all contribute to her multifaceted representation and enduring appeal. 

A Moana continues to inspire audiences worldwide, her legacy as a Disney princess and cultural icon remains as vibrant and relevant as ever. 

Allen Brown