Matt Rife Career, Age, Family and Biography

Matt Rife is a multidimensional talent known for his comedy prowess, acting skills, and engaging presence across various media platforms. From his early beginning in Colombo, Ohio to his rise to prominence in the entertainment industry Matt Rife has Fascinated the audience with his intelligence, and engaging and relatable humor. This ultimate guide provides in-depth information about Matt’s Life, and career, and contributes to the world of comedy and entertainment.

Early Life and Background Of Matt Rife

He was born September 10, 1955, in Columbus, Ohio, Matt Rife discovered his passion for comedy at an early age. He honed his comedy skills through performances in local venues and comedy clubs and developed a unique style that would later catapult him to success in the entertainment industry.


Matt Rifes has four siblings three older step-sisters one younger half-sister and one step-brother. His First father’s name Michael Eric Gutzke, died by suicide when Rife was 17 months old, and his mother’s name is April Rife Chilton. Matt’s mom married Jason Sievers when Matt was 5 years old. Matt’s one step-sister’s name is revealed as Taylor Chilton and their step-brother’s name is Christian Sievers.

Personal Information

Date of BirthSeptember 10, 1955
Age29 Years
Birth PlaceColumbus, Ohio, United States
ResidenceColumbus, Ohio, United States
CountryUnited States
ProfessionActor and Comedian
FatherJason Sievers
MotherApril Rife Chilton
SiblingsTylor Chilton
BrotherChristian Sievers [Step-brother]
Weight80 KG
Height5 Feet 9 Inches
Net Worth$5 Million
Girl FriendJessica Lord

Career Beginnings:

Matt Overflowing’s vocation in parody began when he started performing stand-up satire in his late adolescence. He sharpened his art by performing at neighborhood parody clubs and open-mic experiences, Steadily earned respect because of his fast mind and beguiling stage presence. His beginning exhibition assisted him with laying out traction in the parody scene and prepared it for future open doors.

Progress on Social Media:

Rife’s Journey of fame accelerated with the advent of social media platforms such as Vine and Instagram. His comedy short-faces videos quickly gained traction among the audience, earning him a devoted following and catching the attention of industry insiders. Rife’s relatable humor, comedic timing, and infectious energy set him apart in the competitive world of online comedy.


Towards the Ascension

In 2016, Matt Rife’s career reached new heights when he joined the cast of the hit MTV comedy series “Wild ‘N Out”. As a recurring cast member, he showcased his comedy skills alongside host Nick Cannon and a rotating roster of guest stars. Rife’s memorable performance and quick wit helped to love him with the audience, in the comedy scene as a rising star solidifying his status.

Adventure in Acting

Away from his work in comedy, Matt Rife Stepped into acting, appearing in both television and film projects. He has showcased his versatility as an actor, tackling a range of roles with charisma and skill. Rife’s presence on screen and natural talent have earned him recognition and praise from the industry and the audience.

Live Performances and Stand-Up Comedy:

Besides his television and film work, Matt is a talented stand-up comedian who performed in famous venues across the country. His live performance highlights his presence on the dynamic stage, Sharp observational humor, and ability to connect with the audience on a personal level.

 Rife’s stand-up shows are a testament to his comedic talent and dedication to entertaining audiences both on and off-screen.

Matt Rifes TV Shows and Movies

Matt Rife is not only a comedian he is a movie actor. He appeared as a guest in “Wild N Out”, a sketch and improv game series.

Average Joe2014Danny
Room 2362015Premier Poker Club Orlando
Sophomore Year2017Jake Riker
Black Pumpkin2018Flash
The Debt2018Matt
Brooklyn Nine-Nine2019Brandon Bliss
American Typecast2019Robber #2
Fresh Off Boat2020Logan
Burb Patrol2021Alex
After Masks2021Wolf (Segment “Winners)
The Elevator2021Michael
Death Link2021Darrin
Just Swipe2021Colin
North of the 102022Matt Downess
Wolf Mountain2022James
Trapped In2022Connor
Don’t Suck2023Ethan
The Private Eye 2024Mort Madison

Net Worth

Matt Rife is a multi-talented man, his net worth in 2024 is $275 million. He earns from different methods, he earns money through his live Performances of comedy at local comedy clubs and as a film actor and earns from social media.

Matt Rife’s height and weight

Matt Rife’s height is 6ft or 183cm. He weighs about 172lb and 78kg and has dark brown hair and green eyes.

How Old is Matt Rife?

Matt Rife will be 29 years old in 2024. He was born on September 10, 1995, his Zodiac sign is Virgo.


In Conclusion! Matt Rife is a multidimensional talent known for his comedy prowess, acting skills, and engaging presence across various media platforms. Matt also performed in local comedy clubs and developed a unique style that would later catapult him to success in the entertainment industry.

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