DD Osama: Height, Wealth, Age, and Family


DD Osama was Born on 29 November 2006 in Harlem, New York, he belongs to a Christian family with African roots. He has four Brothers and sisters including the late Notti Osama. 

DD Osama is an American hip-hop recording artist and rapper known for songs such as Dead Opps, Without You, and 40s and 9s. Then he came into the limelight when his brother Notti Osama died in 2022 at this time age is 15 years old.

DD Osama Height

As mentioned are shown as a young person. Osama Was Born on 29 November 2006 in Harlem. Osama has a small Stature. In 2023 Osama are 16 years old and his height is 5.5 inches, Osama’s real name is David DeShaun Reyes.

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How Old is DD Osama?

There is one question that is always Famous in public How Old is Osama? Osama was born on 29 November 2006 in Harlem. When he started his career in 2021 age was 14 years old and now in 2024, age is 17 years Old.

DD Osama Networth

DD Osama Is an American rapper and hip-hop recording artist. His Best and most Well-known tracks are With You, 40s N 9s, and Dead Opps. Dead Opps one of the biggest hits for Osama, this song was released in July 2022. Osama’s Net worth is $700K in 2023 also he earns $80,000 to $150,000 annually.

DD Osama Source of Income

DD Osama’s Source of income he is a rapper and hip-hop recording artist. He earns his all Money with his songs. Osama released 22 tracks in a year with the biggest Hitting track being Dead Opps which got many popularity.

DD Osama Career

Osama started his career in 2021 when he was 14 years old. Osama released his first song “ Aftermath” alongside his brother Ethan Reyes this song is known as Notti Osama and fellow rapper Blockwork. Osama’s popularity started in 2022. In July 2022 his 14-year-old brother which is known as Notti Osama Killed by a Knife.

DD Osama Family and Relationship

Osama have one Brother named Notti Osama and two sisters these names are not shown.

His Father name is Mr Osama and Mother name is Crimsley Martinez. He Belongs to a normal family not are much rich and not poor. He Wants to become a singer and artist and then he choose this career in his childhood life.

Osama is un married but he was previously linked with realty star Alabama Barker.

Ranking On Social Media

DD Osama have 1.4 Million Follower in Instagram, 18.6K Followers In Twitter, 25K on Facebook, and 977K Subscribers on Youtube.


In conclusion, We let you know all about of DD Osama ( David DeShaun Reyes) are want to become a singer and he launched his first track in 2021 “Aftermath” with his Late Brother Notti Osama. But in 2022 not any one know who killed little Brother Notti Osama. After his Death Osama come in limelight and realse 22 Tracks in an year and earn a lot on money in this age.

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