Colleen Hoover Net Worth, Age, Family, and Bio

Colleen Hoover is an American novelist. She started her career as a social worker but later, she started writing novels. She had wrote many fiction novels, adult romances, and different book genres. What about Colleen Hoover net worth, her personal life, and her career, all this will be covered in this article. 

Colleen Hoover’s personal life

She is born on 11 December 1979 in Texas. Her parents are Eddie Fennell and Vannoy Fite. She graduated from the Commerce Campus of Texas. She has a degree in social work. She married William Heath Hoover in 2002.  She had three sons named Cale, Beckham, and Levi. Before being an author, she started working in teaching and social work positions.

Professional life 

At the end of 2011, she started her career as an author. Her first book was Slammed. She had no plan to publish. But later, she published it by herself. After a short period, she published Point of Retreat- a progression of Slammed.

After several months, Maryse Black, a blogger gave her book Slammed five-star reviews. This caused skyrocketing sales of her two novels. In New York’s best-selling list of August 2012, her two novels were listed at #8 and #18 respectively. 

Colleen Hoover continued writing books and her third book was This Girl which was published in 2013. As she was gaining success, she left over social work and devoted herself to full-time writing. 

Books published by Herself

She published some books by herself named Hopeless in 2012, Losing Hope in 2013, and Finding Cinderella in 2014. 

Colleen’s other self-published books are Never Ever, Maybe Someday, It Ends With Us, Confess, and Without Merit. All these achievements are the source of Colleen Hoover net worth. 

Her book It Ends With Us gained much popularity. Colleen admits that it was the hardest story she had ever written. The story is about domestic violence. It Ends With Us had millions of copies sold globally in 2022 and is translated into more than 20 languages

Colleen Hoover’s other work. 

She is also immersed in other genres. She has written a psychological novel Verity which was also listed among the top seller novels in New York. At the start of her career, she published her books by herself but now her books are published by publishing companies Montlake Romance and Atria Books. One of her novels, Confess was adapted from a television series Awestruck and premiered in 2017. 

She founded a charity service The Bookworm Box. This is a service and bookstore. By using this service, you can avail novels by different authors from all over the world in your mailbox. Colleen donated profit from this service as charity. Since the service is working, it has donated over $1 million. 

Colleen Hoover net worth

As Colleen Hoover is a professional novelist, she has a huge net worth of $6 million. She is earning money from the sales of her books. She is also earning money from the serial TV adaptation of her novel Confess. She is among the top-earning professional novelists.


Colleen Hoover net worth is $6 million. She is a well-known novelist. Her income sources are her best-selling books. She was a social worker and later she chose writing books as her profession. Her books gained much popularity and become the source of her huge net worth. 

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Last Updated on June 25, 2023

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