Chilling Story of The City of Witches Novel Within 3 Minutes!

Witches are the most fascinating characters in fantasy novels. I also like reading novels about witches, witchcraft, magic, superpowers, etc. I have read a lot of content about witchcraft and was wondering what should i read now. 

After my research, I came to know about the City of Witches novel. The novel is written by Wilted Flower who has written more novels on witchcraft. Before reading the whole novel, I decided to read the overview of this novel. So, I visited some websites to get an overview of the novel. 

In this article, I am going to share my experience during my research about the novel; City of Witches. 

City of Witches novel:

The novel was written in Korean by Wited Flower and another author whose name is not known. The novel was officially published in 2021 and within two years, the novel has gained so much popularity that is one of the most interesting novels to read about the witches and their fantasy world. 

If you are a passionate reader and especially, you’re interested in reading witchcraft and witches’ content then I am pretty sure it will be worth reading the City of Witches novel. 

The story is unique from traditional witchcraft content. The characters that are represented in the novel gain the attention of the readers in such a way that at some point, you will get so much deep inside the novel that will make you think you are one of these characters. 

This is the specialty of the City of Witches novel. The novel is an attention-gaining novel which is the reason for its popularity. The story is also very interesting and unique. 

The novel contains, action, romance, adult, humor, thrill, fantasy, and adventure elements. The novel has many interesting points after every few scenes which keeps the attention of readers. 

An animated story was also created after getting inspired by the City of Witches novel. 

The novel now has been translated into English. You can read this novel both in Korean and English. 

Novel Story:

The story revolves around a pilot who was kicked out of the army and now his plane crashed in a place which is within this world but the secret home of witches. Our pilot guy didn’t know what to do next to get out of this place. All he knows is that he has a partner and he has to get out of this place as soon as possible. 

The main character in the novel is Si-woo and his partner is Takasho. The witches get here and catch both of them. The city is full of beautiful witches. 

Both men get into the slavery of witches. Now, they have to follow the orders of witches and do whatever they want in order to be safe. The story contains many plot twists which makes the novel more exciting. The Si-woo is not interested in any of the witches and wants to get out of the city but Takasho has a relationship with different witches. 

They both live 5 years there and within the timespan of five years, the Si-woo has learned so many witchcraft spells to fight against the witches. 

The most interesting point in the City of Witches novel is that Si-woo becomes the only male witch (Wizard) in the whole world. 

You can read the City of Witches novel on Amazon and other sites. The novel is paid. If you want to read it for free then simply search for the City of Witches novel on Google and scroll down to 10th or later results. The sites will let you read the novel for free without even creating an account. 

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Last Updated on October 6, 2023

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