Does Provide Free Robux? Fact Check

Who doesn’t want to earn Robux if he plays Roblox? Well, this article is all about how to get free Robux without even spending a single penny. Now you might be wondering how to get free Robux. There are many platforms that provided free robux and one such site is

If you don’t know how to use this site or you don’t even know what are robux, Roblox, and boom robux websites then we are here to tell you all about this topic. 

So, without wasting time let’s start this article. But before we tell you about, it’s important to tell you about Robux and Roblox if you have no idea about these terms. Let’s have a little introduction about both:

What are Robux and Roblox?

Roblox is a platform that allows players to program games and play other games that are created by other players and gamers. The site is paid and Robux is the virtual currency that is used in Roblox to buy various in-game items. Robux can only be used in the Roblox platform for buying various in-game items.

Many websites claim to provide free Robux for Roblox. Some are scams and some are real. Some websites provide paid Robuc but at a cheaper price. Robux is paid and you can buy these Robux on Roblox. 

Many people don’t spend money to buy virtual in-game currency that’s why they move to various websites and platforms where they can find free Robux. One of these platforms is

Boom Robux is a website where you can get Robux for free in exchange for some favor. This favor could be downloading their app, watching ads to give them benefits, or completing surveys. 

These websites give you free Robux but only if you complete surveys or complete tasks that they provide. 

Is legit?

It could be too quick to say anything about the legitimacy of this website because I have not bought Robux from here. There are many reasons for it which will talk about later. 

Many similar websites have claimed to provide free Robux but turned into scams or malware. However, there are some methods to identify a scam website in general:

  1. If the website officially claims to provide a service for free but asks for money when proceeding, then it could be a scam.
  2. You can also check the domain age to identify the quality of the website.
  3. Check for reviews, comments, and references on teh website or other social media groups.

You can identify the legitimacy of any website with these points but still, you have to be careful. 

How it works:

You might be wondering why someone will provide free Robux in exchange for nothing. Well, you are a little wrong. The website claim that the Robux is free, which is completely true but you have to pass some surveys or tasks.

You have to give one of these favors to get free Robux on

  • Download apps, softwares, or extensions to proceed.
  • Watch ads
  • Complete surveys.

After completing one of these tasks you may get free Robux but still, the results could be unsatisfactory. 


Many websites provide the facility of free Robux and one of these is It’s important to check user reviews, references, and resources before using any website which offers free Robux. 

If you have completed your research then still you have to be careful. Downloading apps could be harmful to your device. It is also important not to share your personal or sensitive information on these sites. 

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