Uncovering The Beauty of Arab Landscapes

No matter what humans have made in this world, it cannot compete with the beauty of nature. Natural beauty exists in various forms. The landscape also consists of various factors that enhance the beauty of nature and plays significant and unique roles. 

From the red sandstone landscapes of Petra to the stunning landscapes of Oia, Santorini in Greece, we will introduce you to the most beautiful and stunning landscapes in the world. 

So, let’s start with some beautiful landscapes. But wait! Before starting our list, make sure to let you know that we will mostly discuss the places that are located on Arab land. You can search for various tags in Arabic like مناظر طبيعيه خلابه#جمال الغابات #مناضر خلابة ومميزة وجميله مناظر طبيعية for getting more results in Google. 

5. Al Ahsa Oasis, Saudia Arabia:

When it comes to natural beauty, you cannot ignore Arabic lands. Arab lands are rich for beautiful landscapes and among them are Al-Ahsa Oasis.

This 8000 Hectares area belongs to Eastern Saudia Arabia and is considered one of teh beautiful places in Saudia.

This landscape consists of more than 2.5 million palm trees, freshwater springs, and an ancient irrigation system. 

4. Fayoum Oasis, Egypt:

Fayoum Oasis is also one of the most beautiful Arab landscapes that you should visit at least on time in your life if gets a chance. The heaven-like saltwater lakes, fertile farmlands, and rugged desert lands are the real beauty of this landscape. 

Another beautiful thing is teh ancient ruins that you can visit to feel the ancient vibes. It should be better to visit this place alone or with your life partner. 

3. Petra, Jordan:

Petra is one of the most beautiful landscapes and wonders of nature. This landscape is not just a beautiful landscape but also a historical place with a painful and reasonable history. According to Quran, the Thamud was an ancient Arab tribe who rejected the teachings of Islam when provided by Prophet Saleh. There is no restriction to visiting this place according to Islam. The tribe was very strong. I think you should read the history of the Thamud tribe and Prophet Saleh to learn the important message. 

4. Hormuz Island:

Hormuz Island is another natural wonder. The most interesting thing in this landscape is the red solid and red water. This island is full of colors (especially red) which increases the beauty of this island. Many tourists come here on a daily basis. 

There is also a castle there whose stones are red. Each and everything here is red. You must visit this place if get a chance to visit Iran. 

5. Wadi Rum:

Wadi Rum is the most beautiful and historical landscape of Arab lands. You can never forget the breathtaking views of Wadi Rum if you have ever visited this land.  Located in Jorda, this valley is also known as the “Valley of the Moon”. 

Believe me, you will feel like you have reached Mars! This sandy land during sunset will make you feel like you are on Mars. 

The red rocks and sweeping red dunes make the place more beautiful. The place is perfect for movie makers and adventure lovers. 


These are the 5 most beautiful aran landscapes that you should visit at least once in your life. If you ever visit Jordan then it is highly recommended to visit Wadi Rum which is my favorite landscape. You can also search for hashtags like مناظر طبيعيه خلابه#جمال الغابات #مناضر خلابة ومميزة وجميله مناظر طبيعية to find more interesting places. Also, tell us your favorite place in the comment section. 

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