Anime Couples 2021 | Top 5 Cutest Anime Couples

Anime Couples are as much romantic as celebrity couples. Anime does not mean to only entertain you, anime also reveals the romantic nature of watchers. If you are an anime lover, you must know the most famous anime couples of all time.

In this article, we are showing you the top 20 best anime couples 2020 and 2021.

Best Anime Couples:

Following are the top 10 cute anime couples of all time in our list.

Kotoko and Kuro:

Anime Couples

Kotoko and Kuro are the main protagonist of Kyokou Suiri. Kotoko is a “Goddess of Wisdom” which has also one leg and one eye. She wears a white hat with a black ribbon, a white dress with dark blue accents, white socks, and black shoes. She also wears a red cane.

Kotoko is a goddess of wisdom that means she is a mediator between the human and spirits world. She won this power at the cost of her right eye and left leg when she was only 11 years of age.

Kuro has supernatural powers like immortality and precognition. He looks fairly attractive and tall. He has light skin, black hair, and yellow eyes.  


They both meet at the hospital. Kotoko believed that it was love at first sight and though that they both have fall in love to each other. Kuro took care of her well and protect her when needed. Kuru began to develop romantic feelings for her and he also told her that he loves Kotoko in Chapter 13.

Goku And Chichi – Anime Couples:

Anime Couples

Goku and Chichi are best friends from Childhood. When they were 14 years old, Goku saved her life. And after then he saved her too many times and also shows her how strong he had become.

Chichi told Goku that she wants to be his bride when they were adults and the Goku agreed. Then he left each other until 5 years had gone. Chichi never forgot her promise during those five years that they will meet again.

After 5 years, they both meet each other at Martial Arts Tournament. When they meet, Goku didn’t realize her which angered Chichi and they played the tournament. Goku defeats the Chichi.

Then Chichi revealed her identity to Goku. She also revealed the 5-year previous promise. So, Goku didn’t break his promise and get agreed to marry her.

They announced their engagement to their father. Chichi spends her ceremony hugging him. Goku at first feels embarrassed but he laughs with her as she laughs. This is a good example of anime couples hugging.

Yuta and Rikka:

Yuta was married to Rikka. Yuta often takes care of Rika and helped her whenever needed. They both support each other. Yuta was embarrassed by his classmates that what did they think about him?

At this moment Ritta helps Yuta not to think too much about people’s opinions. Do not care what people think about you. They were married happily but their wedding was interrupted by their fellow friend Sanae Dekomori.

Naruto and Hinata:

Anime Couples

Naruto and Hinata are some of the best anime couples ever liked by anime fans. Naruto and Hinata meet together in episodes 499 to 500.

Naruto chases after Hinata and the paper with Naruto’s name written on it falls to him and then he sees Hinata in her Shippuden form, saying to him that she loves him. Then Naruto realizes that Hinata loved him for so long…

Zero Two and Hiro:

Zero two and Hiro were seen in 2018’s series “Darling in the Franxx”. Zero Two and Hiro is considered to be one of the strongest anime couples. Zero Two is an artificially-created life from who inspires to become fully human. She is well known for his dressing and pink color hairs.

The two sacrifice her life to save Humankind. After thousand years later, Hiro and Zero Two’s souls reincarnate as a pair of children and they meet again and enjoy their life.

Zero Two and Hiro are considered to be the best anime couples that end up together.

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