Match Fixing: A Score-Fixing Scandal Rocked the World of Competitive Gaming

A score-fixing scandal rocked the world of competitive gaming and has shocked many players journalists and individuals by revealing what is happening in the gaming world. If you are a sports fan, no matter which sport, and don’t know about the recent score-fixing scandal that rocked the world of competitive gaming, then you should read this article to know the scam in depth. 

Don’t worry about the term score fixing. We will keep it easy and clear to you for your understanding.

What is Match Fixing or Score Fixing:

Match Fixing or score fixing is a tem in gaming scandals in which the match is manipulated in some ways to achieve the desired results. There are a lot of methods to do this. This is done to acquire the desired results to get benefits from it. Well, you have many questions in your mind like who can do this, how it can be done, and why it is done. Again, don’t worry, we are here to tell you all about the score-fixing scandal and a score-fixing scandal rocked the world of competitive gaming. 

A score-fixing scandal rocked the world of competitive:

So, what exactly is the scandal whom e are talking about? Many organizations, sports leagues, and journalists started investigating the dark side of gaming score prediction procedures. You might have heard about some services that predict gaming score ad the results of gaming even before the game starts. 

Have you ever wondered how this happens and what makes them so confident that they predict the score and bet on their results?

It’s quite interesting for me and that’s why I felt it important to tell all of you about a score-fixing scandal that rocked the world of competitive gaming.

So, after the investigations, some journalists revealed that the games that are running worldwide are getting manipulated in different ways to get the desired results. This investigation even shocked the investigators when they found that many world champions and sports icons are involved in this scandal!

How it is done?

Score fixing can be done in different ways like giving money to players to get the desired score and performance, For example, if a person wants Team A to win then the person will offer a lot of money to Team B to lose this game or pay in a way that he wants to get desired results. 

Another method is using performance-enhancing drugs to boost the strength of athletes. Hacking into the game can also be done for score fixing (but only in physical games). 

Why Match Fixing is done?

Well, it mainly depends on the person who is doing this. For example, if there is an organization that provides the facility of match score prediction or win or loss prediction then it could be possible that this organization offers money to the team to get desired results. It could be possible that a hacker group is hacking into the game to control the results. 

Who is behind this scandal?

Well, we cannot give you the exact figure who is doing this because there are many organizations and sports leagues that are involved in this scandal. Many high-end players are involved in this scandal. The investigation is still ongoing to find more people who are involved in this scandal. 

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What needs to be done:

a score-fixing scandal rocked the world of competitive

A score-fixing scandal rocked the world of competitive and is a dark spot for sports agencies. Every player should get a chance to prove his worth and his/her skills. The audience should stop supporting the players who are involved in this scandal with complete consciousness. Agencies and support leagues should be aware of these kinds of scandals and hacks to let teh players play a fair game. The Front Man in the Squid Game once said that “We give equal opportunities to each player that takes a part in this game”


Many players are now stooped from sponsorship by sports leagues and playing in future gaming competitions. Many fans and supporters are sad and angry at the sports leagues and the agencies who are involved in this scandal. Many people have shocked after hearing about this scandal. 


A score-fixing scandal rocked the world of competitive gaming has shocked the audience, players, and even investigators of this scandal. Players should be given an equal chance to perform in the game instead of predicting the results and manipulating the game in any possible way. The people who are involved should be given the punishment which they deserve. Fans are now expecting that future matches will be fair and equal. 

Last Updated on June 2, 2023

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