7 Tips for Staying Active with an Office Job

Stuck in a 9-5 office job? Wondering how to stay active? If you’re spending the bulk of your time in the office, you need to find solutions to combat the bad after-effects that come with sitting all day.

Despite the negative connotations, you don’t have to ditch your desk job. You can have an awesome office job, stay healthy, and maintain your physical fitness by finding solutions to mix it up throughout the day.

Here’s how you stay fit and healthy while on the job. Read on!

1. Embrace Movement Breaks

Staying active with an office job isn’t easy, but there are ways to incorporate physical activity into your day. One great way is to embrace movement breaks. Movement breaks are short periods of activity you take during the day to keep your muscles engaged and your energy level up.

Walking to a coworker’s office instead of emailing them or taking the stairs instead of the elevator are simple ways to get in a few extra steps. You can even set a timer throughout the day to remind yourself to move.

While these breaks won’t replace a daily exercise routine, they can help you stay active and avoid a sitting slump.

2. Combat Sitting Fatigue

For those of us with especially sedentary office jobs, it can be difficult to stay active throughout the day and combat sitting fatigue. To tackle this issue head-on, make sure to implement simple strategies that don’t take up too much of your day.

One big one is to take a 10-15 minute walking break every hour. This allows your body and mind to reboot and will prevent soreness or fatigue.

Additionally, try to take the stairs instead of the elevator, even if it’s only a few flights up. Make sure you set notifications on your computer or phone to remind you to move around and stretch regularly. 

3. Leverage Morale Boosters

For those with an office job, staying active doesn’t have to be a challenge. Morale boosting and keeping up motivation are key to any successful desk job, so we advise office workers to leverage those morale boosters in order to stay active.

This could include taking regular breaks away from the desk and the computer screen to explore the surroundings or taking a walk around the building, or on the flip side, interacting with other members of staff to break up the day.

Even simple lifestyle changes such as getting up to make a hot drink or getting involved in office games to break up the afternoon could spark a much needed bit of motivation and break away from the usual work environment. 

4. Seek Out Movement Opportunities

It is possible to keep an active lifestyle while holding an office job by specifically seeking out movement opportunities. When working an office job, the times of day when the most movement opportunities are available are breaks, lunch, and after work.

During breaks, short walks around the office or take the stairs instead of the elevator. At lunch, there is an abundance of movement opportunities; use a nearby park to jog around, have a walk and talk with a colleague of yours, or even do some exercise in the breakout room.

After work, instead of relying on a car or public transportation to get home, try walking or riding a bike. These opportunities for movement throughout the day can help you stay active with an office job.

5. Incorporate Desk Exercises

Desk exercises are a great way to move around and keep your body energized while at work. Take regular breaks throughout the day to stretch, take a walk down the hall, and even set alarms as reminders to move your body.

Incorporate simple chair exercises, such as raising and lowering your legs, doing seated twists and “neck releases,” or working with hand and arm weights. If your office has a standing desk, switch up your seated posture from time to time.

Balance is key when incorporating desk exercises. Start small and work your way up to a few exercises each day before your lunch break. Finally, remember to have fun and mix in with friends to make desk exercises even more enjoyable.

Furthermore, you can use wellness and engagement software to give you new and refreshing ideas for that quick in-office exercises. 

6. Standing and Walking Meetings

Consider standing and walking meetings as a break from traditional settings. This is a great way to increase physical activity throughout the day and get the heart rate and blood moving.

Stand up every 20 to 30 minutes, if possible, to get the full benefits of all of the benefits. Scheduling a short walk with a colleague can be beneficial at the same time to keep conversations lively, allowing all to feel connected while still maintaining an active meeting.

Additionally, use a standing desk setup instead of the standard sitting office setup. Placing a laptop on a standing desk and even a treadmill will help ensure that movement is always present throughout the day.

7. Office Stretching Routines to Refresh the Mind and Body

Staying active with an office job can be a challenge, but there are several tips that can help. One such tip is to incorporate office stretches into your day. Stretching routines done while sitting in your chair can provide a refreshing mental and physical break.

These stretches can improve your concentration and boost your energy levels throughout the day. Additionally, you can stand up and walk around your desk every couple of hours to get your blood flowing and relieve tension in your muscles.

These static and dynamic stretching routines both contribute to staying physically and mentally active throughout the workday. Furthermore, if your office has the space, a walking or jogging track is always a good option for an active break. 

Explore Tips to Stay Active in an Office Job

Staying active with an office job doesn’t have to be difficult. With small changes like taking walking meetings, taking a lunch break away from your desk, and setting a reminder to move every hour, you can easily incorporate activity into your work day.

Remember, taking care of your health is important for mental and physical wellness! Try these tips today for a more productive and active workday.

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Last Updated on April 11, 2023

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