3 Tips for Planning Your Elopement

Did you know that elopement ceremonies are among the wedding ceremony types with the shortest durations? It’s true! While it might take hours to plan and pull off a traditional wedding ceremony, elopement ceremonies can be planned in a matter of days.

What’s more, elopements have become increasingly popular in recent years. They make a beautiful and heartfelt ceremony option for any couple, no matter what shape their lives are in.

Need some help planning an elopement ceremony? If so, continue reading for tips on what to do for an intimate and happy ceremony.

1. Choose the Perfect Location

Research the laws around elopement in the area you hope to get married in; there may be additional requirements or restrictions. Consider your particular style; whether you hope for an urban or rural vibe, a warm or cold climate, or a beach or mountain destination.

Then, think about the availability of venues, florists, entertainment, and catering. Ensure that your chosen location has all the capabilities that you need to execute your vision for the perfect day. Try to imagine yourself in the spot that you choose—whether it is a romantic rooftop in the heart of the city or at any Illinois wedding venues, or a stunning coastline full of salty air and crashing waves.

2. Create a Meaningful Ceremony

Consider your shared values and beliefs and how you want to emphasize them in a ceremony that is unique to the two of you. Many elopements include traditional elements like exchanging vows or rings, but you can also incorporate other special elements like:

  • writing letters to each other
  • lighting a unity candle
  • planting a tree

These are useful to symbolize your union. Reach out to family or close friends to join you or to include written blessings or thoughtful words. Most importantly, choose a location or setting that is special to the two of you.

3. Capture the Moments

Be sure to capture all the details in writing either with traditional paper stationery or a digital platform like pen & paper. This will help you remember all the finer details, as well as act as a record of the day. If you’re eloping somewhere remote, consider which vendors and services you’ll need to source.

Database sites make it easy to find vendors, but be sure to research properly to ensure you book good, reliable services. Finally, don’t forget to bring along a photographer that knows all the perfect angles for capturing the moments.

Follow These Tips for Planning Your Elopement

Your elopement should be one of the most special and memorable days of your life, and with a bit of careful planning, you can make sure it is! Be sure to consider the cost of your elopement, selecting a date, selecting and booking the perfect location, and any other associated costs. Take some time to plan and you’ll be sure to enjoy your big day!

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Last Updated on May 20, 2023

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