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3 Things to Know Before Adding a Reefer Unit to Your Truck

Hauling has faced increasing scrutiny and pressure to cut emissions. Many trucking companies have responded by investing in natural gas and renewable energy engines.

While some units have decreased emissions, many haulers still face high emissions numbers. One way to combat volatile emissions is by adding a reefer unit.

While it sounds simple enough, adding a reefer unit can be complicated. Many companies don’t know where to start, often adding unnecessary and expensive components.

In this article, we break down everything you need to know about adding a reefer unit.

1. Common Features of Reefer Units

You must understand the basic features and components of a refrigerated truck or reefer unit before you add it to your truck. The most common feature of reefer units is a temperature-control system. It is responsible for maintaining the temperature of cargo and preventing product loss.

Most units include a variable-speed cooling system that easily adjusts to meet customer needs. Reefer units will also usually have a monitoring and logging system. This helps transport operators monitor and log the temperature inside the reefer continuously.

Those installing a reefer unit should also consider noise levels and energy efficiency. Many units are built to reduce the noise levels of onboard cooling systems and optimize fuel efficiency.

Consider also modern features such as air circulation systems and power management systems. These can help keep your cargo in optimal condition and extend the life of your unit.

All these features must be factored into the decision-making process before adding a reefer unit to a truck.

2. Different Types of Reefer Units

Before having a reefer truck, you need to understand the different types of units available. The main types of reefers are evaporator reefers, compressor reefers, and Thermo King reefers.

The most popular reefer units are evaporator reefers, which use a coolant to lower the temperature inside the truck. Compressor reefers use a compressor to move refrigerant around a system. Meanwhile, Thermo King reefers are the most efficient and reliable of all models.

Additionally, there are a variety of sizes you can choose from. This depends on the type of load you plan on carrying.

You should also consider the vehicle power requirements. This is to ensure your truck has the right amount of energy available.

3. Maintenance and Care Requirements

You need to know the maintenance and care requirements that a reefer unit requires. Stay up-to-date with services, oil changes, and brake and tire inspections before taking it on the road. It is also essential to always have functioning headlights, taillights, and turn signals.

Inside the reefer, there should be a comprehensive system for monitoring temperate and pressure. Proper airflow, clean filters, and a well-maintained evaporator coil are essential for the performance and life of the unit. 

You also need to be aware of the reefer breakdown coverage from your insurance company can comp. Make sure that you have the proper coverage for any repairs that may occur. 

Add a Reefer Unit to Your Truck Today

Adding a reefer unit to your truck is an excellent opportunity for anyone interested in bringing their transport business to the next level. Do the necessary research and ensure your truck is in good condition before switching.

Don’t wait anymore! Get ready to unlock your logistical potential and operate your truck to its full potential!

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