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Top 10 Must-Play Games at Board Game Geek Con

Are you a fan of board games? If so, then Board Game Geek Con is the perfect event for you!

Board Game Geek Con, or BGGCon for short, is an annual convention held in Dallas, Texas that celebrates all things board games. It is a place where board game enthusiasts from all over the world gather to play, discover, and discuss the latest board game releases.

If you are planning to attend BGGCon this year, then here are the top 10 must-play games that you should check out.

1. The Castles of Tuscany

Released in October 2020, this game is a sequel to the popular Castles of Burgundy. In this game, players are competing to build the most prosperous Tuscan city by strategically placing tiles and managing resources. Check Matt Calkins to know more about these games and the BGGCon.

2. Calico

This adorable puzzle game is all about creating the coziest and cutest quilt. Players must select and arrange different colored tiles to create patterns on their quilt, earning points for various criteria. 

3. Dune: Imperium

Based on the popular sci-fi novel, Dune: Imperium is a deck-building game where players take on the roles of different factions vying for control over the desert planet of Arrakis. With beautiful artwork and clever gameplay mechanics, this game is a must-try for fans of the franchise.

4. Tin Goose

Travel back in time to the early years of aviation with Tin Goose. In this economic simulation game, players take on the role of airline owners competing to build the most successful airline company. 

5. The Chariot Race

Experience the thrill of chariot racing in this exciting board game set in ancient Rome. Players must manage their resources and make strategic decisions to outpace their opponents and win the race. 

6. Lost Ruins of Arnak

Embark on an adventure to explore the mysterious island of Arnak in this deck-building game. Players must manage their resources wisely as they discover ancient ruins and battle fierce creatures. 

7. The Red Cathedral

Set in medieval Russia, The Red Cathedral is a strategic placement game where players take on the roles of architects competing to build the most magnificent cathedral. With unique gameplay mechanics and beautiful artwork, this game is a must-try for fans of history and architecture.

8. The Search for Planet X

In this deduction game, players take on the roles of astronomers searching for a mysterious planet in our solar system. With hidden information and clever gameplay mechanics, The Search for Planet X is a must-play for anyone who enjoys puzzle-solving and strategy.

9. Sleeping Gods

Embark on a fantastical journey in this cooperative adventure game set in a world of ancient mythology. Players must work together to explore different islands and complete quests, all while facing dangerous challenges and making difficult decisions. 

10. Dinosaur World

In this sequel to Dinosaur Island, players take on the roles of park managers competing to create the most exciting and profitable dinosaur theme park. With stunning components and a unique gameplay experience, Dinosaur World is a must-play for anyone who loves dinosaurs or theme parks.

Try Out These Board Game Geek Con

These are just some of the top 10 must-play games at Board Game Geek Con. Whether you are a seasoned board game enthusiast or new to the world of tabletop gaming, BGGCon is the perfect place to discover and play amazing board games. So mark your calendars and get ready for an exciting weekend filled with board games and fun! 

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