Sword Burst 5E Complete Usage Guide

Sword Burst in Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition is a cantrip used as a powerful attack on an opponent. The spell has its own casting time, range, duration, and components but the damage can be increased when increase level. 

The damage increase starts with the 5th Edition and also comes in the 11th and 17th levels. The spell creatures are a circle of blades that sweep around you like a movie scene.

Today, in this article, I will tell you how to cast and use the sword burst 5e spell.

Sword burst 5e:

Sword burst in Dungeons and Dragons’ 5th edition is a cantrip-level spell that creates a circle of blades that sweeps around you. The range of this attack is 5 feet. All the creatures within this range will take 1d6 force damage.

The damage increases when the level increases. At the first level, the damage will be 1d6, at the 5th level, the dame is 2d6, at the 11th level, the damage will be 3d6, and at the 17th level, the damage will be 4d6. 

The attack range is 5ft, the duration is instantaneous, the casting time is 1 action, the Components are verbal, and the level is Cantrip. 

This is an Artificer, Sorcerer, Warlock, Wizard Level Spell. Except for artificer, all the spells are optional. It is not a slashing attack but a force damage. You are releasing short-range blades like Brust which is a good force attack.

It is important to know when to cast the spell for this force attack. 

For your help, let me be clear that if you are dealing with unknown creatures then you can use this attack. For known creatures, it’s up to you. You can cast this spell as much as you want.

The interesting thing is that over 2000 creatures in Dungeons and Dragons, only 10 have resistance to force damage. If the creatures within the range of 5 feet want to be secure then they have to create a dex save to resist the damage caused by sword burst 5e.

As you level up, it becomes very hard for creatures to beat you within 5 feet of range making it one of teh strongest force attacks. The forces attacks in all Dungeons and Dragons are less effective but it could be worth suing if used at the right time. Now, it becomes a question of when to cast the sword burst 5e spell. 

When to cast the sword burst Spell?

In general, it will be good to cast this spell when there are many enemies within the 5 feet radius. It will do harm to other creatures and stop them from doing further attacks for a few seconds. 

If there are creatures that can resist the sword burst attack, it could be a good idea to cast another spell that can do similar damage. Keep in mind, timing is the key. If you are sure where to use this attack, you can get the best out of sword burst 5e.

The spell is useful if you want to do a close-range attack. For longer-range attacks, you can cast other spells.

Only use this attack when there are many enemies around you. Choose a good armor to deal with the damage caused by enemies during the attack.

It is a better attack than slashing because only a few creatures are resistant to force attacks. You can use Thunderwave, Mordenkainen’s Sword, Green Flame Blade, or Booming Blade attack as alternatives to sword burst 5e spell. 

If you are surrounded by many enemies then I prefer to use a sword burst attack and have good armor. 

Last Updated on November 18, 2023

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