Sapanca Lake’s Dangerous Animals

Located in the Sakarya Province of Turkey, Sapanca lake is one of the most beautiful and bio-diverse lakes in Turkey. It is also an attraction for many tourists around the world. In this article, we will talk about sapanca lake’s dangerous animals that are endangered due to various factors and we will also take a look at these factors.

This lake is home to many different animals, fishes, birds, etc. Some of these animals are in danger from environmental factors.  Before we tell you about those animals, let’s first talk about the importance of Sapanca lake in Turkey and why is it important to save sapanca lake dangerous animals from extinction.

Sapanca Lake

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Sapanca lake is the most biodiverse lake in Turkey and also one of the most famous tourist attractions. The lake is located between Ankara and Istanbul. Locals used to come here on weekends to enjoy the beauty of nature. Despite enjoying the beauty of nature, it is also important for individuals to take care of their surroundings and avoid doing such nasty things that can harm or destroy nature.

Sapanca lake is not only important for its tourist attraction but also for its fresh water. Around 10 years ago, the water in teh lake was enough to be pumped into the country for the normal use of citizens but due to pollution and many other factors, the water level has decreased. 

Now, the lake cannot fulfill the requirements of water for Turkey. This is not only the loss of water but also the loss of species that are living in water and surrounding areas. 

Due to a tourist attraction, it is getting harmed by humans in a way that can destroy its beauty and destroy the animals that are currently living here. 

Endangered Animals:

Fishing, boating, swimming, overfishing, illegal fishing, and waste materials like plastic bottles, polystyrene, etc are some factors that are getting dangerous for Sapanca lake’s animals. 

Below are some species that are in danger and can nearly go extinct from this lake:


After the water loss and decrease of water level from this lake, the first living organisms that are affected by environmental loss are fish. Dr. Meric Albay, from Istanbul University Faculty of Fisheries, has confirmed that recently, 12 species of fish have been extinct from this lake which is a great loss for this lake and its beauty. As you know, the extinction of one specie can affect the other species that depend on it. This can cause disturbance in the food chain and habitat. 

12 species are confirmed that they are now extinct from this lake and two species are currently endangered which makes sapanca lake dangerous to animals.

These two endangered species are catfish and Esox. 

This situation is caused by overfishing, illegal fishing, pollution, and a rise in water salt. Due to habitat destruction, there were no places to lay eggs for fish that’s why these 12 fishes are completely extinct and there is a huge change of the near extinction of Esox and Catfish.

European Otter:

European otter or Eurasian otter is also considered endangered animals in the lake. Although it has not been extinct from this lake due to pollution and habitat loss, there is a huge chance of losing this animal from this lake. Many agencies are working to remove pollution and waste material from rivers to save these endangered animals from extinction. Hopefully, these animals will be saved from extinction and soon they will be off the list of endangered species. 

Turkish spadefoot toad:

The next animal is the spadefoot toad which lives in freshwater. Due to the decrease in water levels and increased pollution in water, it has become difficult for spadefoot toads to live here. Habitat destruction is teh biggest cause of the decline of its population. 

The water in the lake has become dangerous and acidic from the kind of animals that used to live in freshwater. 


Habitat loss is teh main and common cause for the species that are in danger and can go extinct in the near future if authorities do not take any step which is beneficial for the environment of the lake. It is our responsibility as an individual to save the environment from pollution and to avoid such things than can harm nature if we visit such a place.

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