Logan Paul Net Worth 2022 | One of the Best Social Media Influencers

Logan Paul is a social media influencer, YouTuber, Boxer, and Podcast host. Here we will tell you about Logan Paul net worth, career, marriage.

As a public figure, Logan Paul has earned so much fame and got fans all around the world. Logan Paul is one of the richest YouTubers in the world. 


Logan Paul was born in America in 1995. Logan Paul started his early education at Westlake High School. The school is located in Ohio and is the only High School in the Westlake district. In 2022, Logan Paul age is 26.

Logan Paul is the son of Gregory Allan Paul and the brother of Jake Paul. Jake Paul and Logan Paul both are YouTubers. You can also read: Jake Paul net worth

Logan Paul was learning Industrial Engineering but he dropped out in 2014. He left his study to give full time to his social media career.  Logan moved to Los Angeles at the age of 19 just to continue his career in social media.

Within the past 3 years, Logan Paul has earned so much fame and got huge publicity. Logan Paul is now one of the most well-known social media personalities.


The story of Jake Paul and Logan Paul is not so different. Like Jake Paul, Logan Paul started his social media career by posting short videos on Vine.

Vine was a social media video-sharing app. Vine was occupied by Twitter in 2012 and released in 2013.

The fame started to rise from Vine. This is the first step to the success of Logan Paul. Logan Paul net worth started increasing.

YouTube Career:

After getting a huge fan following from Vine, Logan Paul joined YouTube on Aug 29, 2015. Logan Paul’s YouTube channel has 23.2 million subscribers while 5,858,369,078 views. Within six years, Logan Paul posted many videos which were mostly vlogs.

Like Jake Paul, Logan Paul is also a Boxer. Logan Paul uploads boxing videos, boxing tips and tricks, and vlogs on his channel. Logan Paul also has its website which is Logan Paul.  

Logan Paul has also another YouTube channel which is the Official Logan Paul. This channel was created on Oct 19, 2013. The channel has a total of 636,249,846 views and 5.07 million subscribers. He uploads funny vlogs on this channel.

The third channel of Logan Paul is IMPAULSIVE. Here he posts his funny podcasts. Paul Joined this channel on Oct 23, 2018. The channel has 3.56 million subscribers and 439,104,270 views. 

YouTube is a big source for Logan Paul net worth.

Film Career:

Following are the career of Logan Paul in the film industry.

YearFilmRole in the Film
2020Valley GirlMickey
2019Airplane ModeHimself
2018The Thinking: The New World OrderBlake Redding
2017Where’s the MoneyEddie
2017Can’t Take It BackClint Plotkin
2016The ThinkingBlake Redding

Revenue from film and Television series is an important part of Logan Paul net worth. Logan Paul has also worked in various Television programs. Most of these dramas are related to crime.

Nominations and Awards:

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Over his career, he has been nominated for 13 awards while winning 3 awards.

2019Best PodcastWon
2017Comedy Web StarWon
352017Male Web StarWon

Marriage Status:

Josie Canseco is the girlfriend of Logan Paul. They both started dating recently. Although, Logan Paul is not married yet there is a huge possibility of his marriage with Josie Canseco.   

Logan Paul Net Worth 2022:

Now let’s talk about Logan Paul net worth. Logan Paul net worth according to 2022 stats is $35 million. Logan Paul net worth is higher than Jake Paul net worth.   

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