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How to Avoid Starting a Fire With Batteries

Have you ever been at a friend or relative’s house when a battery-powered device that shouldn’t have started a fire exploded? 

If you’ve noticed that your favorite battery-operated devices seem to be misfiring, you may wonder whether there’s something wrong with them or if you need to stop the fire from starting.

Keep reading to learn the answers to both of these questions and all you need to know to ensure that you never experience the horror of a fire that shouldn’t be happening.

Install Sprinkler Protection

To avoid a potential fire risk when using batteries to power electrical devices, it is important to install sprinkler protection in the area. Not only will this help cool the area down should any smoke or excess heat build up, but it is also an automatic way to extinguish any potential fires that occur.

Installing sprinkler protection near your batteries ensures that any sparks or flames are quickly extinguished, providing additional peace of mind and reducing the risk of a fire hazard. Sprinkler protection should be part of a comprehensive battery fire safety plan that involves other measures such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, and other safety measures. 

Store At the Correct Temperature

The best way to avoid starting a fire with batteries is to store them at the correct temperature. This means keeping them at a temperature between 40 – 77°F (4 – 25°C).

If the batteries are stored in temperatures higher than 77°F (25°C), then the internal heat of the battery may rise and create a spark or fire. It is also important to keep batteries stored away from items that might be flammable or combustible and stored separately from any metal objects. 

Don’t Store Fully-Charged Batteries For Long Periods

It is important to take measures to prevent starting a fire with batteries. One important practice is to not store fully charged batteries for long periods of time. This can lead to overheating and other hazards that could start a fire.

To avoid this risk, batteries should be charged before use and discharged after use, and never stored in their fully charged state. Batteries should also be stored in a cool, dry place. It is also important to use caution when disposing of batteries. 

Charge Lithium-Ion Batteries In a Safe Area

In order to safely charge a Lithium-Ion battery and avoid starting a fire, it is important to charge it in a safe area. This area should be away from combustible materials such as paper, fabric, and carpets.

Place the battery on a level fire-resistant surface, such as ceramic tile or concrete. Do not leave the battery unattended, and always make sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully when charging the battery. 

Cover Battery Terminals Before Disposing of Batteries

When disposing of batteries, it’s important to cover the battery terminals before disposal. Doing this simple step can help to avoid starting a fire. Batteries contain electrical energy and, when left exposed, can cause an electrical spark.

This spark, in turn, can ignite combustible material, such as paper, foam, or fabric, leading to a fire. To prevent this from occurring, use an adhesive, such as electrical tape, to completely cover the battery terminals. 

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Learn How to Avoid Starting a Fire With Batteries

It is important to be aware of the potential fire hazard that batteries pose when not used and stored properly. To keep your family and property safe from fire, always check and replace worn-out batteries and never mix battery sizes.

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