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Fun Things to Do in Charleston

Did you know that over 12.8 billion people travel to Charleston every year? This is a record-breaking number for post-pandemic stats and now that the pandemic is over and more people are beginning to travel, they want a bit of guidance to make their trip worth every penny. Whether you’re a family of 5, a couple, or a solo traveler, this historic city is one of the most popular in the country…for multiple reasons.

Travelers want to know the best things to do in Charleston because it’s almost impossible to do everything the city has to offer in just a weekend or a week. From viewing historic sights and checking out the beaches to trying trendy restaurants and shopping, Charleston has a lot to offer. Vacationers waste 17.5 hours just researching things to do when they go on a trip.

Instead of wasting your valuable time… keep reading to get a list of top things to do in Charleston. Just like that, your vacation will be planned.

Are You Into Dungeons and Dragons?

You don’t have to be into dungeons and dragons per se but you can see a real dungeon in the city. If you visit the Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon, you’ll be greeted with a good amount of history. This site is fascinating and was built in 1771.

It was a British dungeon that was used during the American Revolution. George Washington visited Charleston in 1791 and used this place as a great hall. It was also a meeting place for the ratification of the Constitution believe it or not.

Who Can Resist a Ghost Tour?

You might have heard that Charleston is a top place to see or even hear ghosts. This is true and you will realize that there are high numbers of ghost tours for you to join.

What’s great about this is that these tours are often wheelchair accessible and affordable. You can even bring your children as long as you accompany them the entire time.

Are You More of a Foodie?

Whether you’re a foodie or not, the chances of you leaving the city without trying a culinary marvel are slim. Charleston SC is one of the best places in the state to get southern food or a variety of other types of cuisine. What makes this even better is that there are culinary tours to guide you to and through some of the top culinary destinations.

Its a Rule Not to Leave Charleston Without Visiting the Beach

Charleston is the home of six beaches and it’s a rule (or it should be) to leave the city without visiting at least one. Folly Beach is a beautiful place where you might still find whole sea shells.

Isle of Palms and Sullivan’s Island Beach are also popular and give you a resort beach type of feel. If you want to access resort amenities and experience natural beauty and luxury, Kiawah Island Beach deserves a visit as well.

A Horse and Carriage Tour With Matching Ambiance

You can’t leave the city without taking a ride on a horse and carriage. If you want to experience some of the most quaint parts of Charleston, this is the mode of transportation you need.

Consider taking it from place to place while you’re out or enjoy a full tour “sort of” on horseback. You might even get the chance to feed your driver (the horse, not the human).

A Sunset Flight Across the City

Whether you want to go by plane or helicopter, taking an air tour above the city is a different type of sightseeing. Oftentimes, these tours are guided by people that know the city’s layout and history. So, you will leave learning a lot more than you thought you knew.

Also, if you want to have even more fun, after an air tour of the city, consider a boat charter to see more of the area.

Get a View of the Harbor…from the Water

If you’re a history buff…keep in mind that Charleston’s history isn’t only in museums. A lot of the city’s history is embedded in the harbor. If you’re wondering what to do in Charleston, going on a cruise of the Harbor might be the way to go.

The harbor’s port was used as a hub for trade and as a place for civil-war-era forts. Also, it might interest you to know that the harbor contains Fort Sumter. The first shots of the Civil War were fired at this site and the harbor holds even more history than that.

Here’s an idea…try a private boat cruise or tour to get the best experience. If you want to experience Charleston and get the most from the city and the weather, Carolina Marine Group can help with this.

Time to Get Hands-On

Charleston will come with a lot of sightseeing, beach-going, and boat rides. By the second day, you might want to do something a bit more hands-on.

Believe it or not, pottery classes are all the rage in the area. Try stopping by places like Park Circle Ceramics, Craft & Canvas, or Palmetto Clayground.

This activity is perfect for couples, solo travelers, or families. If you’re traveling with kids, this is something you’ll definitely want to do. It will keep them busy and give everyone a meaningful souvenir to take back home.

This is the type of pit stop travelers want to enjoy…not to mention, you’ll get to see the smaller side of Charleston while visiting these studios for the classes they offer.

Getting the Most Out of Your Vacation With the Top Things to Do in Charleston

Anyone traveling to Charlotte will definitely end up making memories and starting new traditions. There’s a wide variety of things to accompany your travel list for every visit that you make to this trendy and historic destination.

Now you have a list of things to do in Charleston to keep you busy from the time you land to when you depart. If you enjoyed learning more about this popular vacation designation, keep reading more of our featured content.

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