COOKIE CLICKER 2 : Now Play Online Free!

Click the giant cookie to begin.

Buy upgrades as you collect more cookies.

Level up and buy buildings to create autosomes.

Watch cookie replays.

Watch idling.

Play again! Play Chunky Monkey. Play Something Fishy. Play FailFish

Click the giant cookie to begin.

Click the giant cookie to begin. You can click on the cookie to start the game, or you can just let it happen by itself. The cookie is your first building, so don’t worry about buying anything else until then!

Buy upgrades as you collect more cookies.

As you collect more cookies, you can buy upgrades to increase your cookie production.

  • Buy a faster timer. This will help you get more cookies out of one click!
  • Buy an increased number of clicks before restarting the game and starting over again.
  • If you’re really good at clicking on things (and we mean really hardcore), then maybe this upgrade would be useful for those of us who are bad at clicking on things: the ability for us all together not have to wait between clicks anymore!

Level up and buy buildings to create autosomes.

The goal of Cookie Clicker 2 is to build up your character, who will then be able to produce more autosomes.

Autosomes are the building blocks of life. They are pretty much everything you need to survive: plants, animals and people!

Watch cookie replays.

You can watch cookie replays of other players, yourself and your favourite streamers.

In addition to viewing the replays of a specific player, you can also view cookie replays from any game in which you have played.

You can also watch your own cookie replays by clicking on the “Watch Replay” button located below each game’s entry on this page (this will take you back to our main page).

Watch idling.

Idling is the most popular way to earn cookies. It’s when you leave the game open and let it play itself for a while, usually 15 minutes or so. Idling is great because it allows your browser to do other things in between games—like watching videos or reading articles—while playing Minecraft.

Idling can be used as an opportunity to relax, but it can also give you more time to earn delicious cookie gold! If you’re looking for something fun to do while waiting for a friend or family member who’s busy working on their farm (or whatever), idling may just be what you need!

Play again!

  • Click the cookie.
  • Buy upgrades.
  • Level up and buy buildings, or use your cookie earnings to unlock new content in the game! Watch replays of players who are idling their cookies, and play again!

Play Chunky Monkey.

  • Play Chunky Monkey.
  • Play Chunky Monkey again.
  • Play Chunky Monkey a third time.
  • Play Chunky Monkey a fourth time, and so on …

Play Something Fishy.

Play Something Fishy online for free

Play Something Fishy online on mobile and tablet devices. You can also play it on your PC. Just download our app, install it and start playing today!

Play FailFish.

Play FailFish.

Play the game and enjoy the fun with friends, family or on your own! It’s so easy to play: just click on the fish and see what happens next. You can play at home or on-the-go! The game has an unlimited amount of levels that you can unlock as you progress through them. If you run out of time, try again until success!

Have fun playing!

Cookie Clicker 2 is a game that was created to help you relax. It will work as a stress reliever, and it can also be used as an exercise tool. The goal of Cookie Clicker 2 is to click on cookies so that you can make more money, but if it looks like there aren’t enough cookies around, then use your mouse’s left-click button (or finger) to pick up some more cookies!

The game takes place in an advent calendar where each day there are new opportunities for players to earn rewards by clicking on any number of different objects throughout its world: from coins lying around on the ground or floating above them; through special golden items hidden within walls; even down into dark caverns where they’ll need some light source before they can explore further below ground level…


You can play Cookie Clicker 2: Now Play Online Free! by clicking the giant cookie below. You’ll need an internet connection to play this game, but if you don’t have one, we suggest using WiFi instead.

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