Are Dinosaurs Reptiles? Reptile vs Dinosaur

Are Dinosaurs Reptiles? Are Dinosaurs Reptiles or Birds? For answering these questions, we have to first discuss the specifications, structure, and properties of dinosaurs and reptiles. Then we will be able to answer are dinosaurs reptiles?

Well, the exact answer to this question, are dinosaurs reptiles?, is Yes. But why? Let’s study briefly about dinosaurs and reptiles.



Dinosaurs had lived 243 to 66 million years ago on Earth. Many of the dinosaurs had extinct in four major extinction events and most of the dinosaurs have died in the last extinction event, which occurred 66 million years ago.  

There are 700 species of dinosaurs who had named by scientists. There had different types of dinosaurs. Some of them were herbivores, some were, carnivores, some were omnivores, etc. Some of the dinosaurs had lived on the surface of Earth, some had lived in the oceans, some could fly, etc.

They first appeared in Mesozoic Era.

They had different types of skins and appearance like; some dinosaurs had horns to protect themselves, some dinosaurs had armors on their back to protect against predators, some dinosaurs had spikes on back for protection against predators, some dinosaurs had long necks (Sauropods), some dinosaurs are bipedal (animals or objects that walked on two feet).

Some dinosaurs had strong and hard skin while some dinosaurs were birds with soft skin. These specifications could help us to understand are dinosaurs reptiles?

Swimmer dinosaurs had fish-like skin. Some dinosaurs had lived on the surface but also had lived in water. They had different structures. In short, dinosaurs were of all types like modern animals who can fly, swim, and can walk on the surface.



Reptiles are living since 312 million years ago. Reptiles are of different types. They could be cold-blooded or warm-blooded according to species type.


Cold-blooded animals are animals that could not take control of their body temperature. They are not capable of surviving and bearing a different temperature. They can only live in their homeland temperature.


Warm-blooded are the animals that have control over their blood temperature. They can control the internal body temperature. They can survive in a land of different temperatures. They can adapt to any environment easily without any problem.

These two properties can help us to know are dinosaur reptiles?

Reptiles cover a large number of species including snakes, crocodiles, birds, lizards, turtles, Horned Lizards, skinks, etc. These specifications will help us to understand what are dinosaurs reptiles?

Reptile vs Dinosaur:

To find the answer to our question are dinosaurs reptiles, it’s important to find similarities between reptiles and dinosaurs. Similar properties will answer our question “are dinosaurs reptiles?”.

Reptiles are both avian and non-avian. Dinosaurs were also both avian and non-avian. Dinosaurs could live on land and sea at a time. Reptiles are also. Dinosaurs species contain birds and reptiles have also birded. Birds are reptiles and birds are living since the Mesozoic Era. Birds are avian dinosaurs.    

These specifications and qualities had made our question easier “are dinosaurs reptiles?”

More similar qualities are the cold and warm-blooded nature. Some Dinosaurs were cold-blooded and some were warm-blooded. Now we are near to the answer to our question “are dinosaurs reptiles?”

So, Are Dinosaurs Reptiles?

Finally, we are here to solve the question are dinosaurs reptiles? With most of the similar qualities and specifications, the conclusion of the similarities proves that dinosaurs are reptiles. The clearest fact to prove: “are dinosaurs reptiles” is that birds are the avian species. This single fact is enough to answer the question “are birds reptiles?”.

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