A Story About Sitting Next to a Scary Yakuza Read


Think about yourself being around with a so called yakuza person on a boarding house or some other public places. This kind of moment could either raise your interest or quite the opposite, fear.However, what ifI could tell you that even though I had a discomforting experience with the yakuza, that eventually developed into a story about connections that wouldn’t seem to come with you at the beginning. Herein, I am going to introduce my reader with an action of face to face encounter with a member of the yakuza group, during which I will narrate how the misjudgments and stereotypes can be left aside and a human approach can be taken instead.

The Initial Encounter

The happening occurred while people were swarming a train towards a teeming downtown area. When I attempted looking for an open space, my eyesight accidentally met the man who had inked tattoos displaying on his arm and with a serious face. While I thought I was strong enough to deal with a bit of intimidation, I sat down next to him instead, and we started this conversation by means of an unintentional coincidence.

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Uncovering the Unknown

The further I went along the railroad path, the harder it was to ignore the man next to me, and his ominous presence. A contrast between his intimidating exterior and the unexpected glint of kindness in the depths of his eyes when our glances crossing paths was clearly visible. Out of humility, I raised a question which led to a very short and a sincere conversation on the topic, where the true emotions and realisations started to sprout.

• True this so voyeuristically hilarious as he shares stories from his life with troubles, including being in the yakuza during the past.

• Actually, the veneer of toughness that he wore was torn down ultimately; I found human side of him much more touching that I had expected.

• This trade of insights with my friend facilitated the understanding that it is necessary to break through the stereotypes and show empathy to others for genuine acquaintanceship.

A Shared Connection

Rather than having a fierce or ferocious front, our chatting made me realise that whoever that might be, there lies a person, with self doubting, feelings like normal people do. There was always the human factors that connected us all, regardless of the differentiating factors and the preconceptions, it was the universality we found that bonded us.

Finding Common Ground

We spoke about what we enjoy doing, the kind of families we have, and the things that we hope for, finding we had shared a deep connection that had connected one to the other on a deeply level.

The yakuza member’s willingness to share with me his experiences eventually changed my opinion and elicited in me what I would describe as empathy and compassion, which made me see the other side of the story.

The interaction proved that the real communication plays the main role when the distrust and prejudice barriers disappear and suddenly, the unexpected connection appears.

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Lessons Learned

As the train approached to the destination, my heart was filled with the deep feeling for the learning point of my meeting with mafia member. The process taught me the things that only our hearts could tell us in relation to sympathy, empathy and the remarkable power of connection.


Sitting next to a scary yakuza manga member and contemplating about how rich the personality of such a person is, showed me that behind every tough exterior there is a complicated individual with their own stories and the desire for lack of such bonds. Whether we are undergoing different life experiences, or merely embodying the act of finding out our true essence, let us carry with us this sense of open heartedness, coupled with an inquisitive mind, that will lead us to the unspoken connections that connect all things within the very fabric of our human existence.

Allen Brown