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A Guide to the Best Traffic Control Equipment for Road Work Crews

Whether you work as a traffic controller, a construction worker, or both, you probably feel plenty busy already. Each job requires so much attention to detail and planning to perform safely and optimally.

That’s why we’ve created a summary of everything you need to know about traffic control equipment. It’s all you need to know about the most important parts of road work crews.

Barricades, Cones & Barrels

These are the three primary pieces of traffic control equipment used by road work crews all across the US. Barricades are used to safely block off traffic from road construction, often combined with flashing lights for further visibility.

Cones and barrels are placed around the work area to provide greater visibility and help guide traffic away from the area. They can be used either singly or together to block off a portion of a roadway or a construction area. Barrels are also sometimes filled with water or sand to weigh them down and give greater visibility in windy conditions. 

Construction Signs & Stands

These are a key component of traffic control equipment for road work crews. The use of signs during construction projects can help create a safe environment for both workers and commuters.

In order to ensure visibility, signage should include bright and reflective colors as well as a clear message. Construction signs should contain directions of traffic flow and warnings of upcoming road changes. Stands are also important to maintain durability and the visibility of signs; the correct type should be used based on the environment and conditions. 

Barriers & Fencing

Barriers are used to create a visual and physical barrier to protect workers on the site. They also help define the work area, and can be used to direct incoming traffic and pedestrians away from the site.

Fencing helps keep travelers and pedestrians out of the area and away from workers. Fences may also be used to create detours, reduce drivers’ speed, separate traffic flows, or provide partitions between the work area and adjacent zones. 

Arrow & Message Boards

The boards are highly visible and alert drivers to approaching roadwork areas. The boards offer a wide range of choices to alert drivers of potential hazards, slow down or keep straight, and speed up as necessary.

The message boards come with several pre-set, customizable signs and messages that can be used to display warnings, detour information, or caution messages. Arrow & Message Boards also feature LEDs that flash to alert drivers of potential hazards and changeable lettering that allows for easy change of messages.

Safety Trucks

They help create a safe zone for construction workers, while keeping the flow of traffic moving. The trucks are typically brightly-colored, and have flashing lights to warn motorists of the presence of a construction zone.

They also come equipped with traffic cones and other devices to keep vehicles from entering the construction site. They also have the necessary equipment to lift debris and move barriers into place. Consider this traffic control equipment rental options to get this started!

All About the Best Traffic Control Equipment

Overall, the best traffic control equipment is not the most expensive option but rather the most effective. Researching and utilizing the above equipment is key to protecting your crew while on the job.

Remember, safety should always come first. 

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