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4 Tips That Make Marketing by Email Seem Easy

347 billion. That’s the number of emails that people send every single day. That means people send trillions of emails in just a single week.

Now imagine the inbox of your ideal customer. It’s likely filled to the brim with spam or newsletters. Most of this goes straight to the trash. If you’re trying marketing by email, you have a limited chance to disabuse your customer of deleting you.

Luckily, there are a few helpful email marketing tips to boost your email copy to the next level. Keep reading for four helpful pointers the next time your market with email.

1. Marketing by Email Works Best If You Keep It Brief

It’s tempting to inundate your customers with everything in a single go. You want to give them offers, tell them about upcoming deals, and include company news, too.

But people tend to skim emails. Something that’s longer than two hundred words feels like you’re forcing them to read a book. Instead, reduce your email copy to the minimal amount necessary.

Market by email with short-and-sweet, punchy sentences. Reward them for their time by making it an interesting read. Then include your CTA to tie things off.

2. Put Visuals Front and Center

People are visual creatures. And the first thing they see when they open an email is the graphic design. So next time, wow them with bright colors and beautiful designs.

Short of hiring an email marketing specialist, this will be very difficult on your own. Graphic design is a philosophy that extends back years. Creating eye candy is not a simple matter of throwing in some good art.

3. Reduce Overall Marketing Emails

It may sound counterintuitive. Send fewer emails, and make them shorter? No way!

But think about how this looks from the perspective of a customer. They get multiple emails from you every week, or sometimes every day. These emails begin to feel more like flies and less like pies.

Try to condense all your most important emails down to a select few. Combine new product offers with limited-time offers. Give account overviews instead of multiple account status emails.

In short, do more with less. Customers will thank you as a result. And to thank you, they’ll often actually read the email in the first place.

4. Make Unsubscribing Easy

Another counterintuitive idea. On the surface, it doesn’t seem to make sense to make it easy for customers to leave. But it’s actually one of the best things you can do for them.

If you make unsubscribing hard, they begin to resent your company. They view you as an impediment rather than a benefit. They’re less likely to spend money and less likely to return in the future.

Make Awesome Emails

Marketing by email is one of your most valuable avenues of continual customer conversion. However, many companies bombard their clientele with lengthy, ugly emails. Spend a moment or two on making high-quality emails and you’ll thank yourself.

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