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Yt5s is a YouTube video downloader which lets its users download any YouTube video or free. You need to copy the link of the video and then place it in the middle section of yt5s. It will generate the download link and then you can download that video by clicking the download button.

Here are the detailed stats of yt5s site collected from various sources.

Trending Keywords:




yt5s mp3

Domain Name –

WhoIs Information
Registered : No
Domain age : 0 Years 0 Months 0 Days
Tech email :
Name servers :
Created at :
Changed at :
Expire at :
Registrant name :
Admin name :
Registrant country :
Admin country :
Registrant phone :
Admin phone :
Moz information
Subdomain normalized : 3.700000048
Subdomain raw : 0.3700000048
Url normalized : 4.300000191
Url raw : 0.4300000072
Http status code : 301
Domain authority : 37
Page authority : 43
External quality link : 323
Links : 1501
Link information
Backlink count : 323
Total link count : 1,501
Mozrank : 4.300000191

Mobile Friendly Check 


Quota exceeded for quota metric ‘Queries’ and limit ‘Queries per minute’ of service ‘’ for consumer ‘project_number:583797351490’. Enable Google PageInsights API from here 

IP Information
ISP : AS13335 Cloudflare, Inc.
Ip :
City : San Francisco
Region : California
Timezone : America/Los_Angeles
Latitude : 37.7621
Longitude : -122.3971
Sites in Same IP
No data to show
Malware Scan Info
Google safe browser norton : undefined API
Norton : safe
Search Engine Index Info
Google index : 128
Bing index : 0
Yahoo index : 0
Related Websites

Social Network Information –

Social Network Information
Facebook share : 7 Pinterest Info : 1
Facebook comment : 0 Xing Info : 0
Facebook like : 0 Buffer Info : 0
Reddit Score : 1 Reddit Ups : 1
Reddit downs : 0

Keyword & Meta Information –


Blocked by robots.txt : No Blocked by meta-robots : No 

Links nofollowed by meta-robots : No Total keywords : 0

Html headings
No h1 tag found
No h2 tag found
No h3 tag found
No h4 tag found
No h5 tag found
No h6 tag found
== Single word keywords ==
No data found
== Two words keywords ==
No data found
== Three words keywords ==
No data found
== Four words keywords ==
No data found

Alexa Information –

Yt5s | Download Any YouTube Video For Free
General information
Domain name : Global Rank : #1,294
Daily Time on Site : 2:50 Search Traffic : 18.8%
Bounce Rate : 59.2% Total sites link in : 62
Top 5 similar sites by audience overlap
Sl Similar sites Overlap score 69.6 62.4 51.7 49.6 48.9
Top 5 keywords by traffic
Keywords Search Traffic Share of voice
No data found!
Top 4 keyword gaps
Keywords driving traffic to competitors, but not to this siteAvg. traffic to competitors Search popularity
youtube video downloader yts1 48 11
youtube downloader in online 45 11
youtube converter video download 44 8
site download from youtube 43 15
Top 4 easy-to-rank keywords
Popular keywords within this site`s competitive powerRelevance to this site Search popularity
convertidor de youtube a mp3 62 47
baixar video do youtube 68 43
youtube video indir 60 54
baixar video youtube 68 43
Top 4 buyer keywords
Keywords that show a high purchase intent Avg. traffic to competitors Organic competition
youtube downloader online 80 68
youtube download online 78 68
youtube video download online 77 68
online youtube downloader 76 68

Long-Tail Keywords: review

yt5s com facebook virus

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is yt5s safe

Top 4 optimization opportunities
Very popular keywords already driving some traffic to this site Search popularity Organic share of voice
convertir youtube mp3 mp4 10 3.06%
youtube downloer 14 3.33%
youtune to mp3 14 2.76%
mp3 downloader from youtube 16 4.76%
Top 5 referral sites
Sites by how many other sites drive traffic to them Referral sites 69.6 62.4 51.7 49.6 48.9
Site flow
Visited just before & right after domain Visited just before & right after domain percentage
googlecom 29.7%
youtubecom 23.5%
googlevideocom 4.73%
aadikaxyz 3.09%
ymateis 1.33%
youtubecom 13.7%
googlecom 12.7%
googlevideocom 9.74%
aadikaxyz 7.52%
Visited just before & right after domain Visited just before & right after domain percentage
thaudraycom 3.1%
Top 5 audience overlap
Similar sites to this site Site’s overlap score Alexa rank
No data found!
Top 3 audience geography
Visitors by country Visitors by country percentage
United States 40.5%
China 30.8%
United Kingdom 2.4%

Site’s Keywords: review

yt5s com facebook virus

yt5s reddit

yt5s tiktok

is yt5s safe

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