Who Was the Biggest Carnivorous Dinosaur | Top 6 List!

Most people think that T-rex was the biggest carnivorous dinosaur but this statement is wrong. The biggest carnivorous dinosaur ever discovered is Spinosaurus.  Yes, Spinosaurus was the biggest carnivorous dinosaur.

When thinking about dinosaurs, we mostly think about their brutality for other species. Most of the dinosaurs were plant-eater and omnivores but here we will introduce you to the 6 biggest carnivorous dinosaurs ever.

Thank God! These horribly giant creatures have been extinct at least 66 million years ago from the Earth. No one knows what type of chaos they can create if they were living with us in current days.

Here, we will tell you about the 6 biggest carnivorous dinosaurs that have ever existed.

Before starting the list of horribly giant carnivorous dinosaurs, let us tell you that no one exactly knew which was the biggest flesh-eating dinosaur. The list web has provided you is based on fossil research.

Scientists have made all the dinosaurs’ discoveries by studying their fossils. So, in this article, we will tell you about the biggest flesh-eating dinosaurs which have been proven by researchers according to fossil research.


Bahariasaurus was the 6th biggest carnivorous dinosaur. Its fossils were first found in Albia. Bahariasaurus belongs to the theropod family. It was not only one of the biggest flesh-eating dinosaurs but also one of the biggest theropods in the world.

According to scientists, Bahariasaurus’s estimated height was 40 feet while it was 35-36 metric tons in weight.

Bahariasaurus have prayed upon insects and small animals. He had a very long neck which is the ultimate reason for its huge length.

Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex):

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Probably one of the most well-known and dangerous carnivorous in the world. T-Rex is the 5th biggest carnivorous dinosaur ever. According to researchers, the estimated length of a Tyrannosaurus is 42 feet while 10 tons in weight                

Its fossils were first discovered in 1991. Most people believe that T-Rex was the biggest carnivorous dinosaur but this is wrong. Currently, 4 more biggest flesh-eating dinosaurs need to be introduced.


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Giganotosaurus is also the very famous dinosaur that has ever lived. Giganotosaurus was the 4th biggest carnivorous dinosaur in the world. Its fossils were first discovered in 1993. Giganotosaurus is one of the biggest theropods in the world.

Giganotosaurus was 42 feet tall. Giganotosaurus was slighter bigger than a T-Rex. The estimated height of the Giganotosaurus was 18.3 feet.

Giganotosaurus has lived in the place which is now known as Argentina. The most important thing to tell you is that a Giganotosaurus usually preyed upon Argentinosaurus and Sauropods which were the largest herbivore dinosaurs ever!

Thank God! These creatures have been extinct many years ago otherwise they will be very dangerous for mankind.

Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus:

Carcharodontosaurus saharicus was the third biggest carnivorous dinosaur that has ever lived. Carcharodontosaurus was one of the longest and highest theropods ever. Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus was bigger than T-Rex and Giganotosaurus.

According to scientists, the maximum height of a Carcharodontosaurus Saharicus was 12 feet and have a length of 44ft.   

Besides its body, only its skull was 5.2 feet long which is terribly large.

Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis:

The next dinosaur is also from the Carcharodontosaurus theropod family. This dinosaur is Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis which is another specie of the Carcharodontosaurus family.

The Carcharodontosaurus iguidensis is considered 44 feet in length and 12 feet in height which makes it the 2nd biggest carnivorous dinosaur.

Spinosaurus-Biggest Carnivorous Dinosaur:

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Spinosaurus is the biggest carnivorous dinosaur that has ever lived. According to research, this dinosaur has extinct 94 million years ago.

The biggest estimated length of a Spinosaurus is 52 feet which is longer than a Semi-Truck. Hope now when you will see a semi-truck on the road, you will memorize the 52 feet of Spinosaurus.

The estimated weight of Spinosaurus was 20.9 metric tons.

So, the Spinosaurus was the biggest carnivorous dinosaur in the world.

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