When Did Dinosaurs First Appear? See Some Interesting Facts 2k22

The first-ever described dinosaur was Megalosaurus which was discovered in 1819. After gaining some success in dinosaur discoveries, a question arose, when did dinosaurs first appear?

For finding the answer to our statement let’s go past somewhere in Triassic and Jurrasic Period.

William Buckland was the person who first-ever discovered the fossils of Megalosaurus. At that time no one knows about the dinosaur. After getting so much research, scientists come to know that these are reptiles from the archosaur’s family.

The first-ever bone of a dinosaur was discovered by Robert Plot in 1677. At that time, Robert was unaware of this bone. The bone was of a giant reptile. At first, he thought that the bone belongs to a giant human. Later, William Buckland first introduced mankind to dinosaur fossils.  

So, can we find the answer to our question when did dinosaurs first appear from this statement? Let’s know more about dinosaur discovery.    

When did dinosaurs first appear?

According to researchers and paleontologists, the oldest dinosaur fossils that have ever been discovered belong to 230 million years ago.  

The extinction and existence process of any specie is determined by fossil research. According to fossils research, Eoraptor was the first dinosaur who have lived 231 million years ago.

To know when did dinosaurs first appear, you can pick the upper statement as the latest evidence. Keep in mind the statement is not 100% correct.

Most of the dinosaur discoveries had taken place and most of the dinosaur’s structures are waiting for completion. Most of the fossils have been discovered and most are still waiting to be discovered.

We cannot say that dinosaurs have lived 230 million years ago or 223 million years ago or any other era. According to Paleontologists, the Triassic period was the golden period of dinosaurs’ existence.

Jurrasic Era is also the era of most of the dinosaurs. Scientists have found most of the fossils of the Jurassic period.

Jurassic Era was the greatest era of dinosaurs where most of the important dinosaurs like T-Rex, stegosaurus, Triceratops, Mosasaurus, Brontosaurus, etc. had lived.  

When did dinosaurs first appear in the fossil record:

Nobody has the exact answer to this statement “when did dinosaurs first appear”. According to the research of the latest and most accurate fossil, we can say that according to our current limited knowledge, the dinosaurs first appeared somewhere 230 million years ago in the Triassic period.  

Where did dinosaurs come from?

When discussing when did dinosaurs first appear it’s important to know where did dinosaurs come from? Argentina is considered as the origin of dinosaurs as most of the dinosaur’s discovery has been done in South America.

According to Paleontologists, South America is the origin of dinosaurs.

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Did dinosaurs exist at the same time as humans?

We have understood when did dinosaurs first appear but there is another important question to tell you did dinosaurs exist at the same time as humans?

Most people ask this question and the answer is No!

If there is, then our ancestors have told us about the dinosaurs. Scientists introduced dinosaurs to us after fossils research. Before this, nobody knows that there was another creature that has lived million years ago.

The dinosaurs have extinct before mankind’s existence. Hope you have got the answer to this statement did dinosaurs exist at the same time as humans?

There is another proof that if both exist at the same time then the existence of the dinosaurs was the biggest threat to mankind because, at that time, there were no armor and guns to tackle dinosaurs.  

Hope you have got the answer to these statements, when did dinosaurs first appear, where did dinosaurs come from, and did dinosaurs exist at the same time as humans.

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