What is Shadow Work? | Let’s Explore Your Subconscious

Shadow work’s concept was introduced by a Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung. Carl Jung explained to us what is shadow work by his philosophy. According to Carl, every person who lives in this world has a shadow self. It means every human has a dark side.

We will introduce you to this dark side but first, discuss how this concept came out?

How the idea of Shadow Work Came Through?

When Carl was studying with Freud, they noticed that people had a conscious aspect and a subconscious aspect. That means, people have aspects of themselves they’re aware of, and aspects of themselves that they are entirely unaware of.

Consciousness is referred to the light. To become aware of something, we have to be able to see it. So, when something is unconscious, we can’t see it. The unseen happens due to darkness so there we cannot see it.

So, Carl started to be aware of those unconscious aspects as a shadow. Shadow is one of the aspects, we are unaware of. Do you know about your shadow?  Have you ever focused on your shadow self? Did you ever think about your shadow which is always with you?

We often ignore our shadow because it doesn’t make any effect on our life. The existence of our shadow doesn’t matter for us. It is with us or it leaves us, we don’t care but this is not right! Shadow is the subconscious part of every human which affects our lives. Shadow work is diving into our subconsciousness.

Is Shadow Work Evil?

If anybody talks what is shadow work? Or how to do shadow work? People usually think about the negative side or negative aspects which is not true shadow work. Shadow work is not meaning of evoking evil supernatural powers. But Shadow work exists!

Our shadow is dark because it looks in the light that’s why we can say this is a shadow but “shadow work” is not Evil.

How Shadow Self Affects Us? Why it is Important?

Shadow is the most unseen part which is a part of us. So, a shadow also wants attention. It affects our life somewhere. If you feel that you cannot talk, you are missing out on something or you are so afraid, you need to focus on your shadow self. The human shadow contains those aspects which are truly positive but we reject them.

Shadow Work Examples:

Here are some shadow work examples to clarify the concept of the shadow work and shadow self.

If you are a child or you were, you know about yourself, who you are, what skill do you have? what is your aim or which are you talking is true and then you go into a family where all the people ignore a child’s opinion and tell you to only obey the opinions of adult, then you will reject your ability and positivity and make your life exactly according to people’s want. For the sake of survival in social groups, you will also begin to reject that in yourself.

According to this situation, you will lose a part of your own. Your life will be painful because you have exiled part of your life. As an adult, you may work with someone discovering what abilities are part of subconsciousness and discover you were confident assertive.

When you reowns that aspect of yourself, you will have the confidence to create a life that feels good to yourself instead of remaining obedient to those around you.        

Another example of shadow work is that if you are putting trash in a trash bin and it goes full, you push the trash with a force and will be able to put more trash in the trash bin. This doesn’t mean that the trash that was inside have removed. The trash is in the trash bin and affects the bin continuously.

Similarly, your shadow abilities don’t remove from you. These remain in yourself and leave effects on you.

Here you can watch benefits of shadow work:

Hope you have understood what is shadow work? In the next article, we will discuss what is shadow work and how to do it?

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