What Is Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe)?

Managing your own business can be hugely rewarding. Studies have shown that small business owners are among the most satisfied workers in the country. Getting to call your own shots is a big part of that.

That doesn’t mean taking on your own business doesn’t come with many challenges. Managing a team can be difficult. Adopting certain management philosophies and frameworks might be helpful in reaching your goals. 

One such framework gaining significant popularity is the Scaled Agile Framework. This is more commonly known as SAFe.

SAFe provides a structured approach for implementing agile practices at scale. It enables organizations to deliver value more effectively in large-scale development projects. 

What are the core principles and key components of SAFe? How can it benefit your business? Read on.

What is the Scaled Agile Framework? 

SAFe is a comprehensive knowledge base of integrated principles, practices, and competencies. it is designed to help organizations achieve business agility.

It provides guidance on how to apply Lean-Agile principles and practices. The goal is to effectively scale agile across an enterprise.

SAFe aims to align teams, improve collaboration, and increase productivity in the workplace. All of this combined enables organizations to deliver high-quality products or services in a more predictable and efficient manner.

Core Tenants of SAFe

SAFe places a strong emphasis on self-organizing, cross-functional teams. These teams work in short iterations called “sprints.” They are responsible for delivering potentially shippable increments of work. The idea of SAFe for teams is at the core of this process. 

These teams combined into something known as an ART.

An ART is a long-lived, self-organizing team of an agile team. They typically consist of 50-125 individuals. The ART aligns teams towards a common mission and operates on a fixed cadence called the Program Increment (PI). 

SAFe also focuses on understanding and optimizing the value streams within an organization.

A value stream represents the series of steps required to deliver value to the end customer. SAFe emphasizes the identification and elimination of waste, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies.

The goal is to enable a more streamlined and efficient flow of value.

Benefits of SAFe for Business

How can you improve your business by integrating SAFe practices? This framework can help your business operations in many ways.

SAFe provides a structured approach for scaling agile practices. This is true from individual teams to the enterprise level.

It enables organizations to align multiple teams and stakeholders toward a common goal. This fosters collaboration and reduces dependencies.

By promoting self-organizing teams and optimizing value streams? SAFe enhances productivity and efficiency within the organization. It enables faster delivery of high-quality products or services. This helps create increased customer satisfaction.

SAFe also promotes transparency at all levels of the organization. This transparency allows stakeholders to have visibility into the progress, dependencies, and risks of their work.

Bettering Your Business Operations

If you’re looking to improve the efficiency of your business, looking into a framework of management can really help. The scaled agile framework is among the most popular and well worth considering for your business.

While it can take some time to get familiar with this framework, the above information can help you to understand the basic ins and outs.

Have more questions about running a business? Keep scrolling through our blog for more. 

Last Updated on May 18, 2023

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