What do Consumer Durables Jobs Pay?

In our previous article, what companies are in the consumer durables field, we talk about the biggest company that is in the consumer durables fired. If you don’t know about consumer durables then don’t worry, we will talk a little bit about this field in this article. Our main focus is to tell you what are the main jobs available in this field and what do Consumer Durables jobs pay you per month or annually. 

So, let’s start this article with an introduction:

What are consumer durables?

Consumer durables are goods and products that can be used many times and over time. You can use these items many times with the same properties. For example, mobile phones, home appliances, etc. 

Consumer durable companies are those companies that provide products that can be used over time. 

There are many kind of jobs available in Consumer durables which depends on a person’s qualifications and expertise. These could be production manager job, sales manager, accountant, etc 

Popular Jobs in Consumer Durables:

Before knowing what do Consumer Durables jobs pay, let’s have a look at the main jobs that are popular in consumer durable companies. There are a lot of jobs available in this field but we will only talk about the popular posts on consumer durables. 

Sales Representative:

A sales representative is a person who took care of promoting and selling all the consumer durable products of a company. This person plays an important role in promoting and selling products which is a part of any company. 

They are responsible for generating more leads for customers and selling more products by identifying customers’ needs.

Customer Service Representative:

Well, after-sales representative, it’s the customer service representative’s responsibility to ensure customer assistance and support. He needs to make sure that the customer is receiving complete assistance and full support. 

The person is responsible for managing complaints, customer queries, customer reviews, customer warranty claims, etc. 

This is the second most valuable job because customer satisfaction is also important for building a successful company. 

Product Manager:

Now the product manager is higher than the sales representative and customer service representative. The product manager is responsible for the production of consumer durables, marketing of products, setting their prices, making strategies, market research, and coordinating with teams. This is a high-responsibility job and pays you a well amount. 


The marketing team is responsible for marketing the company’s product, managing advertising campaigns, implementing marketing strategies, and analyzing customer behavior to analyze the results of product marketing. They also took care of customers’ feedback to improve marketing strategies and find out glitches in their work. 

So, these are the main jobs in the field of consumer durables. Now, let’s talk about what do Consumer Durables jobs pay.

What do Consumer Durables Jobs Pay?

The amount that a company pays to a person who is working in a consumer-durable company depends on the position of the person within the company.

Off course we cannot talk about a single salary in general So, we have to take a look at the salary of different job positions. We will only talk about the highest-paying jobs in consumer durables.

These salaries range between $80k to $120k.

The average salary of a marketing manager, whose responsibilities we have told you about in the article, ranges between 100,000 to$120,000 annually. 

The average annual salary of a product manager is $90,000. The average annual salary of a manufacturing engineer is $81,000 and the average salary of a Quality Control Manager is $118,000.


Keep in mind that these salaries are not for every job holder in these positions. The salaries depend on various factors including in which factory you work, your expertise, your portfolio, and your qualification. 

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Last Updated on May 27, 2023

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