In the future, bitcoin mining will become an asset strategy for many countries. Those who oppose it will only be sacrificing their prosperity by limiting the rate of innovation and how jobs and money are created.

The Future

According to a recent analysis, if current conditions continue, Bitcoin mining will be profitable at prices between $300,000 and $1,500,000 for 1 BTC by 2022. As a preventative step, governments worldwide will begin to restrict or impose fees on miners.

The Analysis

The difficulty rises as more miners enter the market, ensuring a constant output of bitcoins. The final aspect that determines profitability is the price of bitcoins relative to the cost of traditional, hard cash.

The Difficulty

The Prediction

Every four years after 2024, half of the incentive will be halved to 6.25 bitcoins. As mining becomes complex, the payout will drop until there are no more bitcoins to be mined.