Understanding Your Options for a Security Guard Career

A career as a security guard could be a great choice for you.

Cooperation with law enforcement and general awareness of what’s happening around you make you an excellent candidate for a security guard job. Are you still not sure if a career as a security guard is right for you?

We can help. This article will tell you more about what a security guard career entails and how you can make it work for you. Keep reading to learn more.

Job Qualifications and Requirements

The most important factors are passing a course approved by the state and getting a license. Potential security guards will also have to go through training in things like first aid and how to handle a crowd.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old and will likely need to provide two forms of identification. Potential guards must pass criminal and employment background checks.

Those who seek to become armed security guards must meet additional qualifications and requirements. Firearms training courses, and psychological evaluations are some. 

Benefits and Salary Potential

Career paths as a security guard offers attractive compensation and benefits. Security guards typically receive a competitive salary that can increase based on experience.

Higher salaries are typically found in large cities, government facilities, and high-profile facilities. Health benefits are often offered to security guards. It may include medical, dental, and vision coverage.

Many employers provide retirement plan options to help security guards. A career as a security guard provides a unique opportunity to have a stable job with the potential for growth.

Different Types of Security Guard Jobs

Understand your options for a security guard career if you are considering entering this field. Security guard jobs come in many different types.

Executive Security

This security officer usually requires specialized training. They are usually armed and may also have to take protective measures such as providing VIP escorts and accompanying VIPs to and from events. To not be intimidating to VIPs, a bulletproof shirt is ideal as their protection.

Property Security Officers

These officers typically maintain a visible presence. They protect people and property, inspect buildings, and look out for suspicious activity. They must be knowledgeable in crime prevention and protection practices, and able to handle conflict.

Casino Security

Casino guards must be well-versed in monitoring and regulating large groups of patrons. They must ensure that policies and procedures are followed and prevent theft and vandalism. They also have to maintain a friendly and courteous attitude toward guests. 

Start Your Security Guard Career Today

Security guard jobs are an important aspect of safety and security in any setting. There are a variety of roles across several industries tailored to the specific needs of their organization.

There are traditional security guards and specialized roles such as bodyguards. Each position requires different skills and levels of expertise.

Start your security guard career now! Contact a staffing company today and take the first step toward providing a safer environment.

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Last Updated on April 8, 2023

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