Does Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness Actually Work?

If you are unfamiliar with Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness, don’t worry. We will cover every detail necessary for you to tune your body and eliminate many problems like fat, wrinkles, irregular body shape, etc. 

Before we get deep into the total body enhancement by Planet Fitness, let’s have a little introduction about Planet Fitness, Total body enhancement, and red light therapy. 

Total Body Enhancement Planet Fitness?

Total body enhancement is a wellness procedure that utilizes innovative technology, including red light therapy beds and vibrating machines, to promote well-being.. The machines in which this procedure is carried out are also known as “Beauty Angel RVT 30”.

Planet Fitness:

This therapy is used by Planet Fitness, an organization in America, Basically Gym, which also provides many fitness-related services and technologies. Among these fitness services, Total Body Enhancement is the most popular technology. 

Does it actually work?

Well, this method is not established and proven in medical science but teh people who have taken total body enhancement have seen some benefits of this therapy. 

So, how does it work?

All of this is done in a chamber that is covered in low-wavelength red light which can easily penetrate into the human body. These wavelengths help to produce collagen, reduce inflammation, and remove wrinkles. There are many other good results of using this technology. 

Another step involves the small vibrations produced by a device where the person is standing.

This device produces whole-body vibrations which helps in relaxing muscles, flexing them, and increasing blood flow. 

Benefits of Total Body Enhancement At Planet Fitness:

Overall, there are positive impacts of exposing low-wavelength red light and providing whole-body vibration. The device exposes the body to low wavelength vibrations which improved blood flow and gives many other benefits.

The combination of red light and vibrations provide many proven benefits. Here we have concluded some important and common results among the people who have taken this therapy and shared their experiences. 

Skin Improvements:

One of the primary benefits includes the improved texture of kin. Many people who have used this therapy claim that their body shape has been changed positively. The results were not the same as desired but the overall experience was good. 

The texture was changed and the skin was looking good after this therapy. This treatment can also be used to get rid of wrinkles and flaw lines. 

Reduced Fat:

Fat reduction is another important result that came after the therapy. People have claimed fat reduction and overall weight loss using this therapy. This happens due to the vibrating device which strengthens the muscles, improves blood flow, and burns calories. 

Increased Blood flow and cellular circulation:

People have claimed that after completing the therapy, the rate of blood flow increased and they started feeling more active than previously. The red light improves blood circulation and delivery of oxygen to cells throughout the body. 

Stress Reduction:

I think this will be the great one if you are stressed after work or something hard. The vibrating device improves blood circulation thus the delivery of oxygen to cells throughout the body. The stress level decreased in people who used this therapy. It shows and proves that Total body enhancement is worth buying. 


Although Total body enhancement planet fitness is not yet established in medical science, it is still believed that the therapy is good for wellness and stress reduction. After concluding the reviews of people, it is clear that the therapy improves the health of people. Not too much, but a little. 

It also could be possible that this technology just gives you mental relaxation and you start feeling like something is good with this. 

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