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Throwing an Epic Bachelorette Party in Chicago: A Guide

Rumor has it that Chicago is now one of the hottest places to celebrate a bachelorette party. Combining all the excitement of a big city with a huge dose of Midwestern charm, the Windy City has it all. 

With its picturesque waterfront location, host of trendy bars, and mouth-watering dining options, your whole bridal party is sure to enjoy whatever you have planned for your bachelorette party in Chicago.  

But what are some of the best ways to celebrate, Chicago-style? Keep reading for some inspiring bachelorette party ideas!

Hit the Beach

There aren’t many big cities that boast sandy beaches as part of their appeal, but Chicago is one of a few that can. Its location on the shores of Lake Michigan means that there’s much more to exploring Chicago than admiring the architecture and taking in the nightlife. 

Weather permitting, an afternoon at the beach is a great way to relax or enjoy a friendly game of beach volleyball with your bridal gang. Both North Avenue Beach and Oak Street Beach have everything you could need for a good time, including ample sandy space, snack shacks, and stunning city views!

Take a Food Tour

No night out in Chicago is complete without some Chicago-style deep-dish pizza. The downtown area is also home to a great selection of donut shops. But then it’d be criminal to go to Chicago and not try the city’s famous Italian beef, hot dogs, or world-class barbecue…

The best solution is to combine as many of these food stops as you can while you’re checking out the other sights that the Windy City has to offer. After all, you’re going to need the fuel to keep you going while you’re partying in Chicago’s top bars and clubs!

Get Sporty

Whether the bride-to-be loves basketball, football, hockey, or baseball, there’s sure to be a Chicago sporting event she’d love to watch. Booking early is a must if you want to get the best seats, as is picking up some eye-catching sporting apparel to commemorate the experience!  

That said, even if party ideas for the bachelorette don’t revolve around watching the game, you could use Chicago’s obsession with sports as inspiration for your bachelorette costumes.

Getting everyone to hit the town in a Chicago Bulls tank and some heels is a great way to pay homage to one of the city’s favorite teams. Or how about a navy blue and orange color theme in honor of the city’s Chicago Bears football team? Of, you could always go with the ever-popular cheerleader costume and dress up like the Chicago Bulls cheerleading team. 

Make a Splash on Lake Michigan

As well as sandy shores and great views, Lake Michigan offers plenty of water-based activities to ensure that your bachelorette party goes with a splash.

For more adventurous groups, a fun-filled guided kayak tour is perfect for seeing the city from the water and getting lots of photo ops in the process.

Or, for those of you looking for something even more exciting, why not book a party yacht rental? Nothing says party ideas for the bachelorette quite like popping bottles on a yacht! Sip and sail in style as you cruise along with your choice of music blaring and your girls dancing on deck!

Put the Arty in Party

Chicago has a thriving art scene, as you’ll find out if you visit any one of its museums or galleries. There’s even a free tour of the murals along 16th Street for those of you who like your art with a little more of an urban spin.  

But for a bachelorette party idea with a difference, how about a spray painting class? In a creative way to unleash your inner Banksy, the class offers you the chance to work with spray paint and stencils. The resulting contemporary masterpiece will make an ideal souvenir for your bachelorette party. And, as if creating unique art wasn’t enough of a draw, the class is also BYOB! 

Go Bar Hopping

It wouldn’t be much of a bachelorette party without hitting a few bars for a drink or two. Luckily, Chicago is home to a major party scene with bars and clubs to suit everyone’s tastes. 

A popular way to see the city at its best is to head to one of the city’s many rooftop bars for a cocktail as you watch the sun go down. Once the night gets going, continue the party at SPIN, one of Chicago’s top game-themed bars. If you’re feeling competitive, it’s always fun to see who comes out on top in a friendly round of darts, ping pong, or fuse ball. 

For those of you who love live music, there are some amazing spots around the city offering everything from live jazz to live country. Chicago’s sports bars are rowdy and great for groups to mingle and have fun. And then when you’re ready to dance the rest of the night away, some of the top clubs in Chicago include Disco, Stereo, Le Nocturne Chicago, and Era Social Club.

Bachelorette Party in Chicago

If you were considering celebrating your bachelorette party in Chicago, we’re sure that this list has helped you make up your mind. 

With no end of fun activities, delicious eats, and stunning sights, the Windy City is the perfect host for the bachelorette party of your dreams!

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