TheGrandReport is an American hip hop, urban, news video blog site that shows emphasis on current events, reality tv, and random shock videos from across the globe.

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1. June 10, 2022
2. That Pole Life Might Not Be For Her!
3. Kids Do Drive By’s On Power Wheels Now?
4. Little Girl Jumped In The Pool Knowing She Couldn’t Swim! (Wait For It)
5. Jamaican Student Tried To Fight His Teacher & She Wasn’t Backing Down!
6. Pastor Said He Beat That P*ssy Up!
7. Man Blessed The Cook With $200 At A Mexican Restaurant For Making His Food SO Delicious!
8. That Boy Was In Another Dimension Of Sleep!
9. That Escalated Quickly!
10. June 9, 2022

11. Project Youngin – Long Days

12. Tsu Surf “Who Did It” Freestyle!
13. Rae Sremmurd – Denial
14. She’s A Plus-Size Disabled Model, What Will My Date Think?
15. Mac of the living dead: They put more effort on the box sticker than the food!
16. Whoa: Drag Racing Gone Wrong! (Man On The Ground Allegedly Died)
17. You Gotta Love Us: Two Men Show Off Their Old R&B Group Moves!
18. Couldn’t Wait For A Break: She Dropped Her Kids Off At Her Sister’s House!
19. Man Was Trying To Accuse This Brother Of Stealing His Laundry!
20. Unc Went Off On Her Real Quick!
21. She Was In Ulta Taking What Ever She Wanted Before SHe Walked Out Of There!
22. That Boy Said He’s Practicing For Father’s Day!
23. Thoughts?: She Say This Is Her Life As A Boy Mom!
24. Lil’ Bro Did Not Want To Spend His Birthday In Church!
25. When Trying To Catch Your baby Mama Creeping Goes Wrong!
26. Chick Seen These People Stuck On An Elevator & She Thought It Was Funny!
27. He Got That No fighting skills Energy!
28. Good Samaritans Found A Man Stuck In A Sewer!
29. Buddy Didn’t Want To Fight Back…So He Took That Beating!
30. June 8, 2022
32. OhGeesy – Make It Happen (feat. Pressa & Bun Dog)
33. Stunna 4 Vegas – BMF (ft. Icewear Vezzo)
34. Erica Banks – “FNF” Freestyle
35. Lil Homie Ate That Jalapeño Pepper Like It Was A Sour Patch!
36. Security guard Vs Door Dash driver!
37. Who’s Bad Azz Kids Is These?
38. “…& I love you for that” who?: I Don’t Think Monica Was Singing To Ray Ray!
39. This Security Guard Need To Find Another Profession Asap!
40. When The Dance Off Goes Wrong & Exposes That Nappy Dugout!
41. Baby Boy Used His High Chair To Climb Into The Fish Tank!
42. If she don’t support your dreams like this she’s not the one!
43. She Couldn’t Hold That Until She Got To The Bathroom?
44. Faaawk: Dive In The Pool Gone All the Way Wrong!
45. That Boy Took Them Crocs Off, Got To Bobbing & Weaving…And Caught Him With A Nice Spinning Back Fist!
46. Kids These Days Are Different!
47. Man Pushed A Little Boy At A Water Park After He Tried To Use His Tile To Wipe His Eyes!
48. All Of These Clowns Are Probably Going To Jail Thanks To All Of The Cell Phones Recording This!
49. Oh ok: Dude Had Something To Say About His Cousin At His Funeral!
50. June 7, 2022
51. Krayzie Bone – My Blessings
52. 8Ball & MJG – They Don’t Love You
53. Tootie Raww – Hold On
54. Cannon’s Grueling Bodyweight Strength Workout Routine!
55. Disrespectful Kids Cause Chaos In Wingstop!
56. When Trying To Steal Tom Ford Cologne Goes Wrong!
57. He Seen His Girl Getting Jumped & Got Them The Hell Off Of Her!
58. Who crushed lil man spirit?
59. Two Customers Fight In The Dollar Store!
60. Wonder What They Were Fighting About?
61. Big Girl Had Them Things Bouncing To The Rhythm Of The Beat! (NSFW)
62. He Beat That Man So Bad, He Started Kicking A Ghost!
63. Prince George county Special Police Officers Detain a man after refusing to leave and pushing one of the guards!
64. OMFG: They Had That Man Snoring & Leaking Bad!
65. She did all that and left her wig: Baby Momma Gets Into A Fight With The Side Chick At A Gas Station In Memphis!
66. Dude gets caught with another woman in the house that belongs to his ex girlfriend!
67. Respect to the good Samaritan: Man Jumped Into Action To Save A Guy Who Fell On The Train Tracks!
68. These “Drill” Video Shoots Are Starting To Get A Little Weird!
69. Mr. Officer Must Of Enjoyed This: Why The Cop Just Didn’t Taser His Azz & Put The Cuffs On Him?
70. June 6, 2022
71. Scotty ATL – LA Care
72. Rowdy Rebel – Woo Nina
73. Don Q – Experience (Official Video) (feat.Icewear Vezzo)
74. Post Malone – Insane
75. Key Glock goes Sneaker Shopping at A Ma Maniere in Atlanta and talks Jordans, giving up designer sneakers & more!
76. She Was Having A Good Ol’ Time At The Concert!
77. Once He Ended Up In That Situation, He Enjoyed All Of That Azz That Was Being Thrown On Him!
78. Man Tried To Stop These Bikers From Making Noise In The Street & Got Jumped!
79. Woman tried to tell drunk guy that she should drive & he started to hit her before she got out of the car!
80. I know That’s Right: They Said Her Name Wrong & She Wasn’t Having It!
81. You Gotta hold on tighter then that baby!
82. Chaos Erupts at a Pizza Restaurant In The Uptown Area Of Dallas Over The Weekend!
83. Inmates Trapped Their Opp From Another Gang In A Room & Beat The Brakes Off Of Him!
84. Can Never Have A Good Time: 3 People We’re Killed & At Least 17 Injured At A Car Meet Up In Chattanooga, Tn!
85. Aww Sh*t: Auntie Down With Tossing Salad!
86. Woman Record Herself Stealing Out Of Several Stores In The Mall!
87. Brawl Breaks Out Behind The Counter Of A Pizza Shop!
88. Transgender Gets Called Out For Dancing Around In Front Of Children!
89. Lawd: Shootout Breakout In Myrtle Beach, SC!

90. She Was In The Church House Laying Everything Down!

91. June 5, 2022
92. OG Bobby Billions – Wings (feat. Almighty Jay)
93. Lil Ke Ke – No Cap feat. Al D 300
94. Trapboy Freddy- Opp Pack (feat. LilCj Kasino)
95. Eli Fross – Menace feat. Fredo Bang
96. Bankroll Freddie – Indictments
97. Ol’ Skool Was Ready To Risk It All On The Melanin!
98. Dude Runs Over One Of The Guys That Was Beating On His Friend & Then Gun Shots Rung Out!
99. They were jam packed at this pool party in Atlanta!
100. All The Homies Lost This Game To Their Woman!
101. “And Scene! That’s A Wrap”: They Love Stressing Parents Out With This…Give That Kid An Oscar!
102. How Much They Gotta Pay You To Do This Job?
103. Instead Of Recording, I Would Of Been Getting The F**k Up Out Of There!
104. So, Is This How Y’all Are Jumping Into Summer 2022?
105. When You Feel Like You Bad & Go Mess With 4 Black Women…The End Result!
106. She paid a “mobile” mechanic to work on her car & this is wat she’s left with!
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1. Trapboy Freddy feat. LilCj Kasino

2. Lil Ke Ke feat. Al D 300
3. OG Bobby Billions feat. Almighty Jay
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