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Joel Osteen is one of the famous authors in the world that’s why Joel Osteen net worth is one of the most discussed topics among book lovers. His books are the most selling books. His father was a pastor as he is also a pastor. He is the pastor at Lakewood Church.

He is also one of the most influential people. He was posted in 1999 and yet he is posted. Osteen has also worked in Filmography. He has made a total of 4 movies.

Today, here in this article we will tell you about Joel Osteen, his career, his Books, filmography, documentaries, Joel Osteen net worth, and Joel Osteen’s marital status.  

Joel Osteen net worth 2022:


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Joel is the brother of 5 siblings Lisa Osteen, Justin Osteen, Tamara Osteen, Paul Osteen, and April Osteen Simons. Born in America on March 5, 1963. Joel is 58 years old. John Osteen is the father of Joel Osteen and former pastor of Lakewood Church while Dolores Pilgrim Osteen is Osteen’s mother.

Joel Osteen net worth is an often asked query among the readers of his books.

Joel Osteen studied at Humble High School for early education. After early education, he got admission to Oral Roberts University. Alas, he studied here but did not get graduate. Without taking a degree of graduation, he left the university. Here he studied Television and Radio communication.

His father was died due to a heart attack. After this situation, the Lakewood Church needed a pastor to maintain all the matters of the church. There was no other pastor there at that time. So, Joel was selected as Lakewood Church’s senior pastor.

Before being the senior pastor of Lakewood church, he was Lakewood’s Television program founder. He worked there for 17 years before the unexpected death of his father.

After the death of Osteen’s father, Osteen was selected as the pastor of the Church that’s why he had to leave the Television program.    


He preached people with his first sermon that was held in 1999 after his father’s death. Lakewood acquired the former headquarter of AHL Houston which is “Compaq Center” and started its renovation.  The current central campus of the church is Compaq Center but it is now renovated.

In 2008, Lakewood Church started its television broadcast which was watched in 100+ countries. That was the time when Joel Osteen net worth and his popularity started rising. His popularity was already started in 2006 when he was added to the list of 10 Most Fascinating People.

Most people especially authors have been inspired by Joel Osteen. John McCain said that I have been inspired a lot by Joel Osteen. John McCain was the Former presidential candidate.

You can imagine the importance and popularity of Joel Osteen with this fact that in 2010, he was invited for Easter breakfast with his family in the White House by Barack Obama who was the president of America at that time.   

With the popularity of Joel Osteen, Lakewood Church started getting popular and thousands of people started arriving here to listen to Joel Osteen. Joel Osteen net worth started rising rapidly.


Besides telling Joel Osteen net worth, it’s important to introduce you to his books as he was a great author at that time. He wrote a lot of books in his entire life. Here are some of the most read books written by Joel Osteen:

  • I Declare (2012)
  • Empty Out the Negative: Make Room for More Joy, Greater Confidence, and New Levels of Influence (2020)
  • You Are Stronger Than You Think: (2021)
  • Peaceful on Purpose: (2021)
  • The Power of I Am: (2015)
  • The Power of Favor: The Force That Will Take You Where You Can’t Go on Your Own (2019)
  • Think Better, Live Better (2016)
  • Become a Better You (2007)
  • Every Day a Friday (2011)
  • Blessed in the Darkness (2017)

Marriage Status:

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Joel Osteen was married to Victoria Osteen in 1987 before the death of his father (1999). Victoria Osteen is also an author and co-pastor of Joel Osteen.  

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Joel Osteen Net Worth 2021:

Now, let us talk about Joel Osteen net worth in 2022. According to top 2022 stats, Joel Osteen net worth is $50 million.

The most interesting thing in his life is his books to study. As the current senior pastor in Lakewood Church Joel is a religious and philosophical person.

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