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HVAC Guide: Does a Concealed Duct Mini Split Improve Home Value?

Half of all issues buyers have with a house when looking at properties to buy come down to the home’s HVAC system. And these are frequently based on problems like heating or air conditioning leaks and forced air systems.

What is a concealed HVAC system? And how can you make sure that a concealed duct mini split improves home value?

Find out more below and give yourself the edge when it comes to putting your house on the market.

An Overview of a Concealed Duct Mini Split

A concealed duct mini split (CDMS) is an energy-efficient way to heat and cool your home without sacrificing interior décor. It is made up of an outdoor condensing unit, an indoor air handler, and a unique back channel, or concealed duct, that carries the air through your walls.

 A concealed duct mini split, also known as a hidden ductless mini split. It is a popular choice for homeowners who are looking for an efficient, cost-effective way to add heating and cooling to their homes.

This type of system is designed to be concealed in the ceiling or walls of a room, making it visible and allowing it to remain untouched. It can be an asset to any home environment, providing better control over room-to-room and zone-based temperatures.

Benefits of Installing a Concealed Duct Mini Split

Installing a concealed duct mini-split can improve your home’s value in several ways. It increased the most important benefit of energy efficiency and lower energy bills. The mini-split can offload a large part of cooling or heating needs to existing ductwork.

Installing a concealed duct mini split benefits gives any room a sleek. With a contemporary appearance, while removing the need for more wall-mounted units. It can raise home value because a home’s marketability will rise due to its dependable performance and quiet operation.

Potential Increase in Home Value After Installation

The value of a home can increase by adding a concealed duct mini-split system, depending on the system that is installed and its capabilities. Installing high-efficiency models instead of older, less effective units can raise a home’s resale value. When combined with more upgrades that can draw in more homebuyers, this could increase the home’s worth.

How Concealed Duct Mini Splits Affect Home Insulation

The mini-split system works by keeping the air-conditioned air inside the home rather than letting it escape. It installs discreetly the ducts in the walls and ceilings of the home, so the airflow is easier to control, as opposed to the floor- or window-mounted mini splits.

When installed, the ducts act as an extra layer of thermal protection that keeps the home cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Installing insulation can also help reduce energy bills by making the home more efficient.

Ultimately, a concealed duct mini-split can make the home more comfortable, and the improved insulation can add to the home’s overall resale value.

Concealed Duct Mini Split You Need to Know

A concealed duct mini split system is a great addition to any home. Not only does it provide superior heating and cooling performance, but it also enhances home value. Check out our HVAC Guide and learn more about how these systems can benefit you and your home.

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