Hummer is a truck and SUVs Brand which was first ever marketed in 1992. Hummer returned as a sub-Brand of GMC in 2021.

Hummer EV is a wild-based off-roader truck with awesome features and specifications. When you will drive this car, it will make you feel like a luxury drive and have a speed same to a sports car. According to his truck bed structure, it is called a super truck by GM.

During the driving test of Hummer EV at General Motor’s Test Track, some important came out. The driving with Hummer EV’s plenty of power is very joyful. Second main point is that Hummer EV reflects the awesome features and unconventional capabilities of General Motors.

The last point was the gauge cluster of drivers in Hummer EV is busy and slow but beautiful.

Now let’s talk about the interior of this awesome machine. Hummer EV Interior:

Hummer EV Interior:

hummer ev interior

Hummer EV interior gives very comfortable and luxurious feelings. The interior contains great features. The interior is specially designed to reduce the effects of the rugged door and make the driver feel comfortable and safe in the truck. The main features are given below:

High Definitions Screen:

hummer ev

It has an almost 12.3” diagonal color Driver Information display with a center-mounted 13.4” diagonal color touch-screen position. The screen contains customizable data, controls within the driver’s convenient reach, screen settings, and optimal line of sight.

Lunar Horizon and Shadow Interior:

Hummer EV has Tech Bronze accents, durable all-weather flooring, and Lunar Horizon-themed interior in Jet Black and Light Gray.

Lunar Shadow Interior has a dark appearance, caused by Jet a Black color, and the interior is complemented by Tech Bronze appearance.


Hummer EV has up to 18 camera views including Standard HD surround vision which includes waterproof underbody forward and rear-facing cameras to provide real-time views of terrain to help in picking the best line along with the trial.

Surrounding Vision allows you to navigate tight spaces when traveling at a low speed by using multiple cameras to display a digital overhead image of the area around Hummer EV.

The washer function and replaceable lens protector help you see clearly.

Specially Designed 35” Tires:

hummer ev

Hummer EV comes with standard 35 inches tires like the Ford F-150 Raptor and the Ram 1500 TRX. 37 inches tires are available as a dealer-installed option in Hummer EV.

Features and Powering:

TireStandard tire size is 35” while 37 “tire is available for dealer-installed option in Hummer EV
HorsepowerHummer EV has a mind-blowing horsepower that is 1,000.
Watts to Freedom ModeCan enable power acceleration 60 mph within only 3 seconds
Electricity Capacity350-Kw DC
Range350 miles
Wall-climbing Ability18 inches
Water Fording Depth32 inches
Battery size200-kWh Hummer uses Ultrium Cells batteries.
Weight9,046 Pounds
Length196.8 in 5,507 mm (SUV)
Body Style4-door pickup truck.

The Hummer EV consists of a 24-module battery system within the unibody frame of the truck. Hummer EV uses Ultrium battery cells. Hummer EV allows a user to drive very fast. It can get 60 mph speed in just 3 seconds which is pretty fast. With the help of launch control, the vehicle will not be strained or overworked.

For more specifications, you can see this video.

Hummer EV price:

Hummer EV will be available as a 2024 model that is arriving in 2023. The starting price of this model is $105,600.

Hummer has 5 passengers’ pickup capability. It provides perfect comfortability even at turns and ups and downs. Hummer Ev is specially designed for mountains and adventurous places. If you are a tourist or you like an adventurous ride then hummer ev suits you.

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Like other electric cars, hummer ev is not silent. It produces beefing electrical sound and loud tire noise when suddenly accelerated.

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