How Many Jobs are Available in Precious Metals

Have you ever wondered how many jobs are available in precious metals? In 2022, the Precious Metal market size was USD 243584.63 million. It is going to expand at a rate of 5.38% and will reach USD 333487.65 million by 2028. So, it could be rewarding to get a job in the precious metal industry. So, here in this article, we will tell you what are precious metals and how many jobs are available in precious metals.

What are Precious Metals?

Precious metals are less reactive and due to this nature, they are used in coins, jewelry, and many other things. Here are some precious metals:

Gold: It is the most precious metal and is found almost in every country. But Canada, Russia, South Africa, and the USA have this metal the most.

Ways to Extract Gold:

  • Mining
  • Sluicing
  • Placer mining
  • Panning

Silver: After gold, silver is the second most precious metal on the earth. Silver can be found in many countries including Russia, Australia, and China but mainly silver can be found in Mexico and Peru.

Ways to extract Silver:

  • Mining
  • Sluicing
  • Placer mining
  • Panning

Platinum: It is the least abundant metal as compared to gold and silver. The countries with platinum are South Africa, Australia, and Canada.

Ways to extract Platinum: 

  • Mining
  • Sluicing
  • Placer mining
  • Panning

Precious Metals Industry in the US:

Precious Metals are rare that’s why they are of high economic value. In the US there are many Precious Metals Industries including refining, mining, and marketing silver, gold, palladium, and platinum. In the US, the mining of precious metals is a considerable industry. Different types of mining are used to extract metals including Underground mining, Surface mining, and Placer mining. After the extraction, metals are refined into pure forms. 

Jobs in Precious Metals Industry

One can find many jobs in Precious Metals Industry. In the mining industry, people extract metals from the ground. In the manufacturing sector, people create products from precious metals. Jobs are also available in marketing, investment, finance, and sales. In this industry, there are endless jobs so interested people should search all their options. 

Mining Sector

In Mining Sector, the workers go underground in narrow spaces. Sometimes, the workers have to bear harsh conditions. They have to be strong in the long-term conditions of hot or cold weather. Some workers are skilled in welding or engineering.

Manufacturing Sector

In the Manufacturing sector, the workers fabricate parts, assemble products, and are responsible for cleaning facilities. In this sector, workers with a background in engineering or manufacturing along with the experience of many years are hired. 

In this industry, a skilled person is always needed because Precious Metals are rare and expensive. As this industry is rapidly growing, it means there are more opportunities for people to get involved in this field. 

Finance and Investment Sector

The worker in this sector points out investment opportunities for financial analysts. The worker investigates the market trends, conduct reasonable steps on investments, and recommends securities that should be bought or sold. 

How many jobs are available in precious metals?

Well, according to 2023 stats, there are around 3,800 jobs available in precious metals within the United States. These jobs are available in different sectors of precious metal companies like manufacturing, mining, finance, investment, sales sector, etc.


I hope you now understood how many jobs are available in precious metals. If you are looking for a job in precious metals then it could be rewarding. It depends on your qualification, education, and previous work experience. If you want to get a job in this field, then dealing with precious metals will be quite an interesting and cool job.

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