Why You Are Worried When Eldritch Knight 5E Guide is Here For You!

Eldritch Knight 5E is a player in Dungeon and Dragons who has magical abilities and can perform as a fighter and wizard. If you don’t know what are the skills and ranks of the Eldritch Knight fighter subclass or how to use its skills and cast spells, then the Eldritch Knight 5E Guide is here for you.

Eldritch Knight 5E:

Eldritch Knight is a fighter of the 5th edition of Dungeon and Dragons. Eldritch Knight has both wizard and fighting abilities which makes it unique and different from other fighters. You can cast spells to unlock your hidden abilities as an Eldritch Knight. 

One thing to remember is that the spell count is different on various levels. 

5e Eldritch Knight Building Procedure:

Wondering how to build Eldritch Knight in Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition? Well, here we have covered all the details that are required to know the procedure.

Choose a Race:

To build an Eldritch Knight, you need to choose a race, a class, equipment, and feats.

You have the 3 best options in the race. You can choose human, Tiefling, or half-elf. Choose the race which best suits your character. 

Choose a Class:

The next step is choosing a class. You can find the best class by choosing the 5e eldritch knight spells that best match your martial abilities. You can use the shield or blur for your protection.

Choose equipment:

As you know that Eldritch Knight has awesome fighting abilities, you should choose the equipment to fight. These fighting equipment include heavy armor and martial weapons to enhance your martial abilities. Before choosing any type of equipment, keep in mind the concept of your character to choose the best one that suits your character’s needs. 

Choose Feats:

As a fighter with soccer abilities, choosing feats is one of the most critical and important steps. Some good examples of feats are the Greate weapon master in which you can deal with the extra damage caused by heavy weapons Mobile which will let you move easily around the battlefields, web caster which will let you cast spells giants your enemies to attack them or to defend yourself.

So, these are the 4steps that are necessary for building Eldritch Knight 5e. Now, let’s talk about 

How to play Eldritch Knight of 5th edition:

You can play freely which means as you wish but by using the below tips, you can enhance your abilities and can make it more enjoyable. 

Choose your spells carefully:

Make sure that you know that Eldritch Knight has specific spells on different levels. That’s why it is important to choose your spells wisely. Only choose those spells that comply with your character’s ability. Shields, magic missiles, and thunder waves can be used in combat. 

Say Engaged with your combat:

Staying engaged in your combat is a very important point to keep in mind. By staying engaged with your combat and being in the forefront as a fighter, you can use your abilities and spell perfectly.


As we have told you that the Eldritch Knight combined the characteristics of both sorcerer and fighter, so it is very effective to roleplay magic and fighter abilities to get the best out of the Eldritch Knight. 

Choose your weapons wisely:

Eldritch Knight is the master of both weapons and magic that’s why it is important to choose the weapons wisely. If you choose weapons that don’t match your character abilities then everything is in vain. Make sure to choose those weapons which match your character abilities. 

These tips can help you to play effectively in Dungeons and Dragons.


Eldritch Knight 5e is not a too hard fighter to understand. This guide has told you how to build Eldritch Knight 5e and how to play it effectively in Dungeons and Dragons. Make sure to choose the best weapons and roleplay the magic and fighting abilities to get the best out of it.

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