E-sports: Everything about gaming 2021

E-sports stands  for  Electronic sports.   It is quite  similar  to real-life  sports  where  you  have  to  win  the  match. But  on  digital  media i.e. on  the  internet  or  local  LAN  servers. It  is basically  a  single  or  multiplayer  video  gaming  competition  between  different  players as  individuals  as  well  as  a  team. In  E-sport   you can  play  solo  games  or  you  can  participate  with  your  team. Many  companies  organize  the E-sports  competition  is  mostly in every  country. As  the  gaming  community  is  getting  stronger  day  by  day.

The  player’s  team  of  e-sports  wins  a huge  amount  of  cash  after  winning. Winning  an E- sports  match  is  not  only  fun  but  the  players  should  achieve  team  works  strategies. Also,  psychologies,  and  skills, understanding  the  opponent’s  moves,  and  practice  for hours.  Mostly,  all  the  normal  sports  factors  applied  to  E-matches. That  is  why  e- sports  is  not  less  than  normal  sports.

E-sports Revolution:

It  starts  from  eighteens  when  the  match  is  conducted  on  the  Arcade  machines  after introducing  leader  board  in  games  for  calculating  scores:

It  means  the  highest  scores  are  listed  on  Arcade  machines:

This   thing   starts   a   competition   between   players   for   getting   high   scores   and   they  play  games   for   hours   to   get   their   score   on   the   leader]   board. In  mid  19s   some  first –  person  shooter   games   became   so   popular   for   gaming   competitions   such   as  DOOM,   Wolf   3d,  Blood. After   these   game’s   success,  the   id   software   company   and  also   other   software  companies   developed   games  like   a   quack,  half-life,   unrea l  tournaments. These   tournaments  became   too   popular   in   local  cybercafes   and   the  people   start   the   competition  with   each   other   on   local   LAN.

The  game’s  like  half-life was  gain huge  players. And  a  mode  of  half-life  game  is introduced  known  as “counter- strike”. After  counter  strike  popularity , the  player’s  teams are  starting  building  to  compete  with  the other  teams. However,  these  tournaments  now introduce  in  the  online  world. Some  games  became  E- sport games  like  dota2  and counter  strike. At  this  time  the  different  brands  start  their  integration  with  these  games. And  brands  sponsored  these  teams  and  conduct  matches  annually  and  provides  there t-shirts,  gadgets , hardware,  and  software  to  their  Sponsored  team  teams  for  improving their  performances  as  well  as  their  product  brand  name.

This  trend  increased  day  by  day. And  now  globally  E-spot  is  one  of  the  biggest  fields where  you  can  participate  in  games.

Current E-Sports Tournaments:

Currently,  the  most  popular  games  in  esports  are  SCGO,  call  of duty  warzone,  DOTA 2, and  in  ASIA  countries  the  player  unknown’s  battlegrounds.

E-sports  has  many  categories , and  more  than  a  fifth  of  tournaments  now  organizes  every  year  such  as  “ESL  pro  league “, ” Dreamhack”.

Top E-sport current games:

You can also join tournaments by clicking the links below:

GoPro 9:
Gaming Laptop:

For  joining  official  tournaments  some  ledge  has  only  the  requirement  of  having  a  high score  or  ranking  in  the  specific  game (competition  game) to  join  the  tournaments  as  a team  or  a  solo  player.

And  some  of  them  have  required  twitch  or  YouTube game  streamers. So,  you  have  to start  a  gaming  channel  on  YouTube  or  twitch  or  some  other  platform  for  joining  these competitions. If  you  become  so  popular  on  YouTube  or  other  platforms  then  many companies  can  contact  you  to  join  their  ledge  to  sponsor  their  product. However,  most  of the  E-gaming  tournaments  required  only  high  ranking.

Some  games  like  Fortnite  and  pub-g  give  their  top  players  gifts  and  cash  for  winning their  competitions  and  promote  them  by  informing   them of  the  new  features,  areas,  and gadgets  in  games. So,  the   players can  streaming  and  showing  these  things  to  their viewers  and  promote  the  gaming  community like E-Sports.

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