David Dobrik net worth | One of the Highest-Paid YouTuber

David Dobrik the 9th highest-paid YouTuber among all the YouTubers. Here you will find all about David and David Dobrik net worth. Dobrik is 25 years old Slovak Youtuber who gained success rapidly on YouTube.

David Julián Dobrík is also a founder of Dispo which is an American Photo sharing app. The app was made by David in 2019. He is still a YouTube and the author of Vlog Squad.

Here in this article, we will tell you all about David, his career, David Dobrik net worth, and his marital status.  

David Dobrik Net Worth 2022:


Born in 1996 in Slovakia. He is the brother of three siblings Ester Dobrik, Toby Dobrik, and Sara Dobrik. David is 5 ft 10 in tall 68 kg in weight.

David Dobrik is the 9th most paid YouTuber. There are many other facts and interesting things connected to his whole life.  

When he was 17 Yo! he lost his virginity. At the age of 17, he kissed for the first time. His first date was at the age of 17. David Dobrik assistant is his friend when he was a child.

As one of the highest-Paid YouTubers, David Dobrik net worth is important to discuss. According to recent stats, the annual earnings of David Dobrik was $15 million. 

David Dobrik’s YouTube channel was demonetized (Stop from Monetization) due to rape allegations. Dom Zeglaitis is another YouTuber whose channel is suspended from monetization in the same case.

Besides vlogs, David Dobrik also creates pranks and jokes videos which is the main reason for his popularity. People liked his pranks and jokes most.

His fans are mostly youth and teenagers. His channel had 6,943,681,236 views since the channel has created. 


The career started on Vine. Vine was a social media platform for uploading short videos. When he got popular on Vine, he started collaborating with other popular Vine stars.

At the beginning of his YouTube channel, Dobrik was a student at Vernon Hills High School. The channel was created on Dec 20, 2014. He started uploading vlogs on YouTube and his vlogs went viral.

Dobrik started his unofficial squad of Youtubers named Vlog Squad. Dobrik has also said that he is protected by DACA which is the great reason for how he got the green card.


In his entire career, Dobrik has been nominated for various honors. Here is the list of all awards of David Dobrik.

David Dobrik2019People’s Choice Awards for Favorite Social Media Star
David Dobrik2019Kids’ Choice Awards for Favorite Social Star
David Dobrik2017Breakout Creator
David Dobrik2020Male Social Star
David Dobrik2021Best Social Good Campaign
David Dobrik2019Teen Choice Award for Web Star: Male
David Dobrik2017Vlogger of the Year

Marriage Status:

Besides David Dobrik net worth, his marriage is also very important to discuss as his marriage is very interesting.

David Dobrik was married to Lorraine Nash in 2019 and divorced also divorced in 2019. Lorraine Nash was the mother of David’s friend.

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David Dobrik Net Worth 2022:

Image taken from forbes.com

Now, let’s talk about his net worth. Keep in mind, he is one of the 9th most paid YouTubers around the world. His last year earning from YouTube was $15 million.

According to 2022 stats, David Dobrik net worth is $25 million. His net worth has increased rapidly and increased every month. 

The popularity of David mostly belongs to the teenage audience as it created pranks that are mostly liked by teenagers. David now lives in the U.S and he has also his green card. He got the green card because he was protected by DACA when he moved to America at the age of 6.

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