Read This If You Received A Call From 4048064812 For a Health Survey

Many people receiving calls from 4048064812 which is quite interesting. If you take a look at this number, you will find out that the number belongs to Washington D.C., America.

The interesting thing is that only people in America have received calls from this number.

This little fact points to the reliability of this phone number but we have to take a complete look at people’s comments and responses about this phone number to know who the caller is. What are the intentions of the caller and do you should receive such a call?

To get answers to your questions, read the whole article.  

Inspecting 4048064812:

The number belongs to the USA and all the people who have responded to this number and provided us with their reviews about this number also belong to the USA. 

There are no specific things similar to all people who have received the call except for the fact that all are married and have children. 

During my research, I found that this number belongs to CDC. They mentioned this number and some more numbers and told us that these numbers belong to us and we use these numbers to call people for a quick survey about their health.

Well, it sounds normal but most of the people who have reported this number said that this is a spam number. 

Reviews vs Reality:

After reading the comments of people, you will be convinced that this is a scam but is that true? 

Well, in my opinion, the number 4048064812 is safe but the caller could be different. The number belongs to CDC and they have mentioned this number and a few other numbers on their official website. Here is the screenshot:


The website has mentioned this number and in the first line of the second paragraph, they have written that they are calling about a survey. 

I don’t know why most people have listed this number as spam but the fact is that the number is safe. 

You can also find the number 4048064812 in their Facebook post. 

So, Why People Posted Negative Reviews?

Well, it’s quite difficult to tell the exact answer. According to my information, the number is not fake as it has been proved in the upper paragraph. That is why so many negative reviews. 

It could be possible that someone is posting negative reviews from various accounts due to an unknown reason. 

Another possibility is that the survey requires you to give information about your family and children which doesn’t look safe to many people. Most comments have reported the fact that the CDC asks you for your personal information that’s why many people have posted negative reviews about this number. 

It is also possible that spammers have used the 4048064812 number for spam calls or that someone from the team of CDC has done this kind of illegal act. 

However, most of the calls are based on the CDC Survey. 

Should You Pick up a Call from this number?

Well, it depends. If you are not so concerned with your privacy then you can pick up the call and give them a survey. If the call purpose is different from the survey then you should immediately close the call. 

If they just want the information that cannot be used against you in any case then you pick up their call and answer their questions. If you don’t have time then you can close either call. It’s just a survey. You don’t have to complete the survey at any cost. 

Always be cautious when you receive calls from an unknown number like 4048064812. Be safe. 

Last Updated on October 9, 2023

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