Are Crocodiles Dinosaurs? | 5 Prehistoric Creatures

Are Crocodiles Dinosaurs? Were crocodiles alive with dinosaurs? How are chicken related to dinosaurs? These are some questions in the world of Biology. Some extra ordinary questions in the world of science that “can we reverse-engineer these animals into the dinosaurs”?

There is no any confirm answer for the question of reverse engineering. This is the next-level topic. However, are crocodiles dinosaurs?  Were crocodiles alive with dinosaurs? or are crocodiles descendants of dinosaurs? these are the questions whose answer are available in this article.

You will find 5 prehistoric creatures in this article who has evolved and live between us.



Crocodiles are very closely related to dinosaurs. Many fossils gave us the possibility of the crocodiles being dinosaurs. Although the fossils are not fully related to crocodiles, they have so many similarities to crocodiles. According to their strong and complex nature, they are relatives of dinosaurs. Some species of dinosaurs have been found almost completely related to crocodiles and alligators.

Are Crocodiles Dinosaurs?

So, what is the answer to “are crocodiles dinosaurs?”. The answer is No. Although some dinosaurs are related to dinosaurs in structure and specifications but, they were not crocodiles. Crocodiles are not exact dinosaurs but there were some dinosaurs related to crocodiles.

Crocodiles are reptiles not dinosaurs. You might find this answer not interested and not suitable but this is the truth. Crocodiles are not dinosaurs. But let’s talk about the species which were closely related to modern alligator.


Deinosuchus is an extinct specie of dinosaurs which had lived 82 ton 73 million years ago. Meaning of the name is “terrible-crocodile”. Deinosuchus were predators closely related to crocodiles. Deinosuchus had banana-sized teeth which are very terrifying for its prey. They were too much strong from the present crocodiles.

The size of a Deinosuchus is considered 15 meteres which is 49ft long while the size of an adult crocodile is 17 feet.

Deinosuchus had lived in South Carolina and Delaware. They prey dinosaur to live. As they were very strong and large, they could easily prey small dinosaurs. Deinosuchus had mostly lived in oceans and prey those dinosaurs who comes to drink water on the edge of the ocean. In fact, Deinosuchus are not crocodiles but very closely related to modern crocodiles. Now, you have understood “are crocodiles dinosaurs or not?”.



You may find this weird for chicken to be a dinosaur but this is true. Chicken is not exactly dinosaur but it belongs to Tyrannosaurus. So, how are chicken related to dinosaurs? Chicken are bird-like specie. Tyrannosaurus was very giant and powerful dinosaurs. There DNA is closely related to tyrannosaurus. Birds were the only specie of dinosaurs, who were survived in the extinction event of dinosaurs.

This is a theory that chicken can be reverse engineer into a tyrannosaurus. Scientist believes that, by using chicken genes and DNA, chicken can be re transformed into a tyrannosaurus. They think that chicken have been evolved from tyrannosaurus. Could it be possible or not? Leave your opinion in comment box.

Sea Turtles:


Sea Turtles are known as cousins of the dinosaurs. Scientist had placed sea turtles in the group of birds, crocodiles, and dinosaurs whose name is Archelosauria. Some of turtle’s species has extinct. The most impressive specie of sea turtule is Archelon. The size of this turtle was so large that a man could be easily comes fit in the shell of turtle. They are closely related to dinosaurs but not exactly a dinosaur.



You have listened about Megalodon. Yeah this is exactly the specie which I am talking about. The megalodon was the giant shark with exact look and similarities to the modern adult shark. Sharks are existing a long time ago. Megalodon was the largest predator on Earth that had extinct 2.3 million years ago.

Some people believe and even some peoples have seen the megalodon in real life. Scientist are searching Megalodon in oceans to known that is megalodon exists or not?

Megalodon had lived after the extinction of the dinosaurs but the sharks are living from many years ago. It might be possible for a shark to be from dinosaurs.



Snake is a very old living specie. Titanoboa was a giant snake that had found between 58 to 60 million years ago. Titanoboa is the largest snake ever in the history. They had 42 feet in length and 1,135kg in weight.


Some people have seen titanoboa in the Amazon Forest. Is it fake or true? Snakes are survived in the extinction event. Scientists have not any clear answer to this question but this is true that snakes are from the era of dinosaurs.

Hope you have enjoyed this article and understand are crocodiles dinosaurs?

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