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A Quick Guide to Modern Kitchen Design

Did you know kitchen remodeling can make as much as 75% to 100% ROI? 

Modern kitchen remodeling has risen in the last couple of years. Interior designers have turned traditional designs into simple and elegant styles. As the demand for modern designs has increased, so has the industry’s need for professionals.

As such, you need to learn about modern kitchen design to set up your own or hire a professional to do it for you.

This article explores what makes up modern kitchen design ideas and how you can provide an everyday experience for you and your family.

Maximize Natural Light in Your Kitchen

Natural light has many advantages. It creates the illusion of a larger space, creates a more inviting atmosphere, and provides healthier lighting for the area. There are many ways to maximize natural light in a kitchen.

Large Windows

Floor-to-ceiling windows let in abundant natural light while emphasizing the sleek lines of the furnishings. Light bounces off the countertops and cabinetry. It brightens the space and creates a cozy, airy atmosphere. 

Various blinds, curtains, and shutters are now custom-made for kitchen windows. It allows you to adjust the light you get based on the season. However, be sure to choose window treatments that are waterproof and dust-resistant for the best results. 


Skylights are a great way to add natural light to a modern kitchen design. They provide a cozy, luminous atmosphere without turning on too many lights. Skylights can save energy and enhance the room. 

Skylights are an invaluable design feature as they distribute light. They help to reduce the impact of shadows and glare. They can be supplemented by adding recessed and pendant lighting for a balanced aesthetic. 

Reflective Materials

Suitable reflective materials for the kitchen include stainless steel, glass, and light-toned paint. Stainless steel appliances, countertops, and backsplash will bounce light around the room. Glass tile on the backsplash or interior cabinet door panels will reflect natural light. 

Kitchen accessories of light-toned paint, such as grays, whites, and creams, will also help create an airy and reflective feel to the kitchen area. You can add an olive oil dispenser bottle here for a stylish touch and a usable convenience in the kitchen. Accessories can help maintain a hygienic, contemporary kitchen. 

Add Some Textural Contrast to Your Kitchen

Modern kitchen design doesn’t have to be boring. Adding textural contrast to your kitchen can create visual interest and contrast to your space. It is about mixing and matching textures, styles, and colors to create a unique space. 

Add rattan or bamboo for an organic feel or a combination of painted and wooden finishes to bring different looks into the room. Try incorporating a stone countertop, textured walls, and exposed bricks to provide visual interest and texture. You can also mix up wood, metal, copper, and marble to give more contrast.

As for color, use a variety of hues to bring subtle splashes of color here and there. Consider painting the walls with a neutral color such as taupe or beige, then adding color through rugs, dishes, or decorative wall hangings. Finishing touches like a piece of vibrant art or a few indoor plants will add a pop of color that brings life to the room. 

Think Function First When Choosing Appliances

Functional appliances should be placed around the kitchen to suit best the daily activities it will be used for. Start by evaluating the flow of the kitchen and ensuring a logical pattern of movement is established. For example, you could add an oven, an under-counter refrigerator, and an appliance garage nearby the stove.

Maximize the kitchen’s efficiency by considering the time spent moving between appliances. Remember that adding too many devices can make a kitchen appear overly busy and cluttered. If possible, opt for compact, standalone devices that save on space.

When considering electrical items, such as a toaster and microwave, position them in areas convenient for cooking, heating, and reheating. Finally, opt for quality, reliable products over cheap and alternative options. Choosing quality appliances ensures that the modern kitchen design will last many years.

Incorporate a Statement Focal Point Piece

A statement focal point piece is a great way to tie your kitchen together. Select a statement piece as the source of your kitchen’s style by choosing attention-grabbing designs.

Make sure to measure the space allocated for the focal point. Provide enough room for it so it can adequately be showcased.

You can go bold with a brightly-colored backsplash, subtle with a unique light fixture, or bold-patterned wallpaper. Consider using natural materials such as marble, granite, or wood to bring a luxe feel to the design.

You could also incorporate a central piece, such as a statement island, which can act as an eye-catching piece of furniture and provide extra storage and prep space. Wall art can also add personality and depth while ensuring it’s finished with the same bright and contemporary styling to keep the room consistent.

Utilize Open Shelving for Storage and Decor

Open shelving for kitchen decor and storage is a great way to stay organized, create an aesthetic look, and preserve valuable counter space. Open shelving is ideally suited for collections of small items like dishes, glasses, spices, and gadgets. Make sure to group related objects, avoid dust and oil accumulation, and keep things orderly.

If you have more decorative items, arrange them in a way that’s like a piece of art. Lastly, consider combining open shelving and closed cabinets to balance storage and design.

Step up Your Game With This Guide to Modern Kitchen Design

Designing a modern kitchen should be both stylish and functional. Following this guide, you can create a unique, sleek, elegant kitchen tailored to your lifestyle.Remember to maximize natural light in your kitchen, add textual contrast, think function first when choosing appliances, incorporate a statement focal piece, and utilize open shelving for storage and decor.

Contact a professional kitchen designer today to start building your dream modern kitchen design!

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