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5 Must-Have Features for Your Outdoor Oasis

Are you looking to expand your outdoor oasis?

Creating an outdoor oasis is one of the best things you can do to your home. You can enjoy relaxing by the pool, grilling by the fire pit, and spending more time outdoors with your family.

If you have open backyard space already, that would be great. However, if you have a backyard with a concrete pool and a fire pit, you might want to take some time to consider some more must-have features for the outdoor oasis.

Read on!

1. Comfortable Seating

Consider finding pieces made from durable materials, like cast aluminum, to resist rust, fading and wear. For extra comfort, look for weather resistant cushions and pillows decorated in bright, tropical colors. Not only will comfortable seating be inviting, but it can also bring practicality and charm to your outdoor living.

Select seating that is multi-purpose and can be used for both inside and outside gatherings. For effortless maintenance, choose pieces that weather well, are quick to clean, and can be wiped down with a damp cloth. 

2. Light

To create a beautiful and serene backyard retreat, one needs illumination to draw attention to features such as fountains or a garden. Lights can also be used to create ambience by mounting lights around benches or seating areas to encourage relaxation.

Practically, lighting pathways to backyard spaces or a lit-up grill station can make being outdoors more enjoyable and safer. There are so many types of lighting from LED strips to solar-powered lights to choose from. 

3. Shades and Privacy

Shadows are essential for keeping the exterior cool, comfortable and looking impressive to visitors. A variety of plants and swaying branches can provide the desired levels of privacy. Use potted trees to provide a boost in privacy and also establish a wonderful backdrop for comfort along with architectural elements.

This includes tall trellises, lattices, and trellises to establish a perfect haven for a quiet afternoon or evening. Planting thickets of evergreen trees and evergreen foliage can serve as privacy screens that will help you create an enjoyable space that is sure to make you feel special.

4. A Source of Entertainment

By adding fire pits, outdoor fireplaces, grills, bar areas, and other outdoor amenities, one can diversify the landscape and add a level of enjoyment for all. Additionally, these features can add a unique atmosphere to outdoor gatherings.

Furthermore, design professionals can incorporate landscapes into these amenities to make sure the outdoor entertainment space is an extension of the home. For those desiring a backyard oasis to relax and enjoy, the right landscaping services can make it come to life.

5. Accent Piece

Whether you add an eye-catching water feature or a stunning art deco sculpture, this vital component can be a great source of beauty and character to your space. The accent piece has the unique ability to bring all the other elements together and bring the entire design to life. 

Know the Things You Need to Design a Stylish Outdoor Oasis

Having an outdoor oasis doesn’t have to be something exclusive to a privileged few. With all the must-have features mentioned in this article, anyone can create their own beautiful outdoor space.

Pick some plants, a comfortable seating area, and lighting to make the magic happen in your own backyard. Invest in your outdoor oasis today and start creating a little piece of paradise for you and your family.

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