Does 2069220880 Belong to Amazon Customer Service or Someone Else?

While reading reviews about the number 2069220880, I was surprised that there are many positive reviews and comments about this number and most of the people are pointing to Amazone Cutsomer service which looks quite usual. 

But, is it the complete truth or there is something else like the number 4077322416? Both these numbers belong to the United States. People report this number as a caller from Amazone Customer Service. Some people are saying that this is a scam. So, which one is true? What is the reality?

Well, you don’t have to be worried about these questions because the answer to your questions is available in this article. If you received a call from this number request you reject the call currently and read this article to know the caller behind this call. 

Inspecting 2069220880:

The number looks like an ordinary number and the pure form of this number is +1 206-922-0880.

When I took a first look at the reviews about this number I found that this is an ordinary number and especially, people posted reviews that this number is from Amazone customer service. Well, I was also convinced with the reviews until I found a comment saying spammer. 

I scrolled a little bit and found another spam review. Now, the curiosity begins. 

I visited websites where users used to post reviews about various unknown numbers and then I found that there was something wrong with this number. 

More than 50% of people post positive reviews. Some people have posted negative reviews about the number 2069220880. 

The plot twist came when I found the story of a few people who have been scammed by this number. 

Is it a Scam or a Customer Service Team?

A person named Jeff posted a review that it was a scam. He was called from this number and the caller introduced himself as Richard. The caller said that his card had been charged $1200 for an iPhone. Jeff didn’t reply to the call. He contacted the Amazon support team until he received this message a third time. The support team said it was a scam. 

So, why are more than 50% of people posted positive reviews? Could it be possible that teh scammer is playing on a huge level and he has posted so many positive reviews? What is teh reality? The question remains the same. 

I visited more reviews of people to get more information and found that some people were saying the scammer is using the Amazon telephone lien for scamming people sometimes. 

Now, this was the main turning point in the story. If you try to view the whole scenario from this angle, you will find the truth. There is a huge possibility of using a regular phone number to scam people. There are many incidents in history where scammers have used the fake but working identities of people to scam others. 

So, what is the truth?

According to my research, I found that it is a good idea to reject calls from 2069220880 if you received one. If you have an Amazon account and put your card in here, you have to be careful and should directly contact their support team. 

The Amazon customer service team has officially said that they never make the first call to their customer until it is scheduled. They just call you back if you have contacted them.

If you don’t fit in this scenario and you didn’t make the first call, it is good to reject a call from 2069220880. 

If you don’t have an Amazon account or a pending product, never accept calls from this number. Block this number if you are receiving too many calls from this number. 

Soban Nasir

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