2064532329: Spam or Amazon Delivery Gentlemen?

The 2064532329 is one of the reputable numbers in the United States. The number belongs to the Amazon delivery service and most people have received calls from this number regarding their product delivery. 

What if I tell you that there is something beyond this scenario? Let me explain. When I started my research about the number 2064532329, I found various negative reviews and ratings for this phone number and found comments from people who were telling us this number was fake.

So-called Caller ID Spoofing.  So who is true? Do you trust this number if your phone is ringing and you see the number 2064532329 on your screen?

Well, this article is all about revealing the truth in front of you with evidence. So, let’s get started. 

Inspection of 2064532329

The most important step is to inspect this number before heading towards people’s comments. The number belongs to Washington state. According to a website, there have been more than 740,000 calls made through this number and according to their database, the number is active, and made the last call 1 hour ago. 

According to people’s reviews and website reviews, the number belongs to Amazon Custome Service. The people who have commented about this number also tell us that they were contacted by an Amazon delivery guy who was taking their package. 

Why so many negative Reviews?

Well after reading the upper paragraph, you might be convinced that the number belongs to Amazon Delivery Guy but is it the complete truth? If so then I have to say take care of yourself and see you in the next article but wait!

There is something left to tell you. Although most people have confirmed that the number 2064532329 belongs to Amazon Delivery Gentleman some people have claimed that there was a spammer behind this call. 

Around 30% of people were those who said that this was a scam number and you should not listen to the call. However, one person got convinced and didn’t receive a call, and then later, she posted a comment that the caller was from Amazon Delivery service and the package had not been received yet. 

Believe me, according to his comment, he was quite angry after losing his package. 

Is 2064532329 Spam or Authentic?

According to me and most of the people’s opinion, the number 2064532329 is not a scam. Don’t be fooled by people’s comments. It could be possible that some people don’t feel the call familiar and they posted negative comments about this number. 

Another possible reason is that the people who have posted negative reviews have been contacted by Spammers from this number. Now, you might be thinking how is it possible? The answer is Caller ID Spoofing. The scammers can hide their original identity and can use someone’s phone number, maybe from a reputable source  (in this case, from Amazon Delivery Service), to scam people.

What you should do?

It is difficult to recognize the spoofing ID and the real number so what you should do if you receive a call from 2064532329? There are some simple techniques to identify the real caller.

If you have received this call, pick up it and listen to the call. If the caller is talking about the package or delivery and you have ordered something from Amazon then it means the call is real. 

If the caller is talking about insurance or something else that requires money then you should hang up. Only calls from the Amazon Delivery service will be considered real if received from this number. You can block an unknown number to stop receiving calls in the future. 

Be educated, Be safe. 

Last Updated on October 10, 2023

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